Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dundee Mudders

Two weeks ago, I shot a match at the Dundee club. Fourth Saturday, be there rain or shine. You know the drill.

Turned out to be a clear, dry day despite having occured after Labor Day. The rule of thumb in Oregon is that you can expect no weather more clement than 'rainy' after the first weekend in September, but we got lucky.

Except that the creek through the Jungle Run was running full, and the Dundee folks found fit to put a target right above the creekbed in that stage.

Most folks managed to be either faster or slower than the resulting mud spray, but a few of us timed our charge past the target just right so we got the splatter.

Jerry V. was the Best Of The Messed.

Brent R. caught a few drops.

And The Hobo Brasser even found himself wearing the Mud of Glory (click for hi-res . . . there's not enough mud to show up on a thumbnail. One Drop on his shirt, and he considers himself A Mudder. Sheesh!)

I had Jerry V. take my picture, but it disappeared somewhere between here and there. Nevermind, take it from me that I was THERE when the Hit hit the fan.

Those who weren't splattered were either moving too fast or too slow. They didn't get splattered, and I personaly believe that their glee at viewing our splattered shirts is nothing short of schedenfreud. Bad Karma, guys.

Norm The Ungrateful cleverly wore a shirt which didn't show mud . . .

And Rod C. is the Sultan of Smug.

But wait, there's more!

One of our juniors, Chris C., found himself in a very bad place during the Jungle Run. He had a double-charge, or something, which blew up his Glock. Can you say "Ka-BOOM!"? Sure you can.

Chris handled the results of Evil Ammo exceptionally well. Sure, he dropped the Glock into the mud and ate the trip to Dairy Queen (Match DQ), but it turned out okay otherwise. The KaBOOM! jammed the case in the gun, jammed the slide, broke the Mag Release mechanism. When we recovered the pistol from the mud, we couldn't rack the slide to clear the gun. So we bagged it, Chris and this father Jeff took it to the safety area, and with some help from GlockSmiths on the range managed to pull the slide off and extract the barrel. The revealed case wasn't obviously split, but it took some doing to remove it.

(Don't get too worked up about the round-in-the-barrel at the Safety Area. It was impossible to work on the gun anywhere else, and Chris had already been DQ'd. The gun was patently non-functional.)

In a later stage, Chris and his father Jeff are shown with Chad and KC McD. watching other shooters. Everybody seems to be having a good time; perhaps because they are watching someone shoot the Texas Star and they're just glad it's not their turn to deal with the challenge.

Walt and Stephan seem to share this attitude, perhaps because they've already shot the stage and have dealt with the worse the Star has to offer.

It was a good match, a challenging match, and while there were few memorable action photos, we saw a lot of people having fun no matter what difficulties they had to deal with.

That's what we came out for, after all.

Getting muddy was just an added bonus.

UPDATE: Comments-Spammer Alert!

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Jerry The Geek said...

BTW, The Hobo Brasser attempted to comment that the reason why he didn't look so muddy is that I managed to put a shadow right over the muddiest part of his shirt. Further, his wife (nicknamed "Spicy" by The Usual Subjects) had to wash it four times to get all the mud out.

I apologise for this miscarriage of justice. I can only plead technical incompetence as a photographer. I was trying to put the shadow on his face, but I messed it up.

The reason why The Hobo Brasser was unable to contribute personally to the comment pages is that he had his computer set to block pop-ups. I had set the blogsite to display the comment form as a pop-up, because I thought it would be more convenient. If this is causing serious problems to anyone, please let me know.

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