Saturday, October 08, 2005

Croc Match Pix Offer

I've received several requests for copies of the photos which SWMBO took at the Croc Dundee "Banzaii Ballistic" match last month.

I've decided to make them available.

As it stands,

I have over 2GB of photos, mostly stills but also some videos, of the match. This includes the awards ceremony, the shooters' meeting, photos of the stages before the match, fathers & sons, etc. ad infinitum.

The bulk of the pictures are people actually shooting stages. SWMBO tried hard to get at least one photo of everyone, even if they were only in group shots and even if the people weren't actually competing. It's impossible if she managed to achieve her goal, but she took enough pictures that there's at least an even chance that if YOU were there, your picture can be found. Somewhere.

(There are a lot of videos of people either doing very well, or screwing up. Since the eight stages average over 50 rounds minimum, the most common error is forgetting to reload when planned, or for some other reason having to make a standing reload. There's also at least one Match DQ, and at least one "Broken Gun".)

We intend to use a few of these photos to illustrate an upcoming article which we will submit to the Front Sight Magazine. Only a few of the hundreds of pictures will be used, if the article is accepted. And of course, the magazine will not be able to publish videos.

I also intend to make some of the photos and videos available online, when I have worked out the details of establishing a host server (in process, I received confirmation that the storage WILL be available, up to 10GB . . . but that's in the future and I don't intend to include more than a select few of these pictures there.)

That means that most of these pictures won't be seen by anybody else, and it seems as if there is some demand for copies from people who competed at the 2005 Croc Match.

So if YOU have any interest in acquiring a set of these pictures (probably either 3 or 4 CDs, depending on how many are left after I edit out the few out-of-focus and redundant pictures), let me know by emailing me at

If there is enough interest, I will make copies and send them to you.

To pay for materials, postage, and our time in photographing and editing the photos and cutting the CDs, I will ask for a nominal contribution of . . . mmmmmm . . . ten dollars. Does that sound fair? That will cover the cost of materials, and postage, and won't begin to pay for my time in duplicating the CDs. I don't have a duplicating service available, these CDs will be duplicated one at a time using Roxio. This is a cottage industry, at best. We're all amateurs here.

No guaratees that you will even be in the photos, folks. And, since I don't have releases from anybody for display of their images, these are NOT FOR PUBLICATION OR DUPLICATION, AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED BY ANY MEANS FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY! (All images copyright 2005 by Jerry the Geek.) The people in the photos will not be identified, nor will the stages.

To make it interesting, and to fill unused space on the 700MB CDs, I'll probably include the match results and (if I can find the) the stage descriptions. Perhaps some public-domain videos of firearms-related 'incidents' may be included also. These last will be 'stuff' I have downloaded from the web, because I found them interesting.

I also have two CDs of pictures taken by other people: Ron Downs and Norm Bright. If they give me their permission, I will include some or all of the images they have provided me, as well. This will add at least one more CD to that package.

If you are interested, and have emailed me asking for a copy, I'll send you my snail-mail address. You can send me a check for ten dollars ($10 US) and I'll send you the set of CDs.

Jerry the Geek

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