Thursday, October 13, 2005

Croc Match Videos I

For months, I've been threatening to post IPSC Match Videos online.

I have software and an IP which allow me to post photos, but the movies are a lot more complicated.

Now, thanks to Brian B. (whose name I can't spell correctly), I have access to a IP who not only provided the server but also a lot of coaching so that The Geek can share videos with everyone.

(H/T to SWMBO, who actually filmed movies at the 2005 Croc Match.)

Right now, I have about 200MB of movies, mostly from the Croc Match. Here are the first few videos. Please download the files and save them on your PC, rather than attempt to view them directly. In this case, "BandWidth" IS a serious consideration, and when the files are accessed in any way other than 'download', it makes the data access run slower for everyone.

Be advised that the maximum download rate is something like 97 KB/s and these files run from 7 to 15 MB. I'll try to keep you informed about the subject, the file size, and the significance of each video.


This is a 62-round-minimum, 310-point Comstock stage which requires the competitor to do a LOT of movement, keep track of rounds shot and rounds remaining in the magazine, and find the very best solution to the shooting problem based on his or her own strengths . . . and magazine capacity. The back wall, built with orange perforated snow-fencing, features ports which are partially blocked by doors. In the far right and left hand corners of this back array, Pepper Poppers are situated at extreme angles. When they are shot and knocked down, they move the doors to partially obscure one port and completely open another port right next to it. When you are shooting a 10-round max capacity class (Limited 10 or Production), you are forced to do a 'standing reload'. Also, the arrays which feature the Pepper Poppers also have 4 IPSC targets, which means that you need a minimum of 9 rounds to successfully engage all targets. Even if you're shooting a hi-cap gun, you require a minimum of 17 rounds to complete both adjacent arrays without reloading.

Designed by Marty Lee, this stage challenges the competitor to not only keep track of round-count and perform reloads ONLY when needed, but because it requires a lot of movement it tempts the competitor to push the 180-line when moving backwards to engage the three sloped targets hiding behind barrels at the uprange end of each side. Whether the competitor if moving uprange or downrange, it's entirely possible to DQ on this stage because it is loaded with 180-traps.

Besides that, it's a HUGE stage. In future posts, we'll see gun jams, DQ's, and competitors searching their pockets for that last magazine in order to complete it.

But first, let's watch the match winner, and the winner of Production Class, as they work their similar-but-different approaches to this Monster Stage.

(Look at the videos, or the still at the end of the post, to get a 'feel' for the stage. The still-pictures of Yong Lee and Darrion Holliwell were taken on the Jungle Run stage, and are included only to identify them.)

The first video (I'll only include two, as a trial) is Limited GM Yong Lee shooting the stage in Bay 4 at the 2005 Croc Match. Click on this link to download it.

(Same file available from the URL shown below)
(File size 8.28MB, download time 1:30 at 97 KB/s,Video time 43 seconds.)

Well, that went well. You'll have to look at a lot of videos to see THIS stage run any faster. Actual run time was 21.96 seconds for 283 points, and since Yong Le won the stage he was awarded the maximum 310 points.

Here's what it looks like when shot in Production Division. The shooter is Darrion Holiwell, who rode down from the Seattle area to shoot this Oregon match.
(File size 8.48MB, download time 1:30 at 97 KB/s,Video time 43 seconds.)

Can you see the awkward choices the Production Shooter has to make in deciding when to reload? About 9 or 10 seconds into the stage, he has to make a reload to shoot only four (4) rounds at two IPSC targets (not visible in the film.)

Darrion completed the stage in 36.81 and earned 274 pounts for a stage total of 179.0563 points and a 38th place for the stage.

For comparison, I completed the stage (shooting Open with hi-cap mags) in 27.22 seconds and 274 points, but I racked up 70 points in penalties for missed shots which earned me a stage score of 49th place and 162 stage points.

No videos exist of my run on this stage. It cost me a lot to make them disappear, but it was worth it.

Future posts will eventually NOT display the entire URL, but will only show the highlighted link to the file. Just click on it, follow the instructions on the pop-up. If your browser doesn't support this click-and-download option, please email me (address at the bottom of the page) and let me know. I don't mind showing the URL, it just makes the post seem kind of cluttered.

Here's a look at the stage without all the action:
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DC Alcantara said...

I can only download the first second of the video but that's it. Could there be a glitch somewhere? Thanks for sharing.
DC Alcantara

Mr. Completely said...

Great videos!

I downloaded them both without any problem using Firefox....


Jerry The Geek said...

Good to hear from you again, my friend.
We've missed you since you moved out of the Columbia Cascade Section area.

As you probably know, the webhosting for the videos is a brand new feature. I'm still testing it, and although my tests worked perfectly that doesn't mean my technique of storing and then referencing the files is perfect.

Mr. Completely downloaded both files perfectly, but you had problems with the 'second one'.

Another reader from CCS, Paul, downloaded one file okay but when he sent it to friends it turned out to be without content (zero bytes! Yikes!) I'm still working with him to find out what happened.

If you would, DC, please email me directly (the email address is described at the foot of every page of COGITO ERGO GEEK, including this page) and give me a little more information to work with. First, describe the file that DID download okay. Then tell me what browser you're using, and describe the specific way in which the 'other' file didn't download.

I'm not going to link to too many more videos until I'm sure that they're storing correctly, and that the links work right for everyone. Your contribution of the specifics will help me make these files generally available without flaw.


I hope.

Here's hoping you come back to this page, so you can get this message.

Note: if you experience problems with this page, it may be necessary for me to get more information from you to resolve them. Please consider sending me personal email, besides entering a comment on the page. Every comment is emailed to me by the blog host, so I get them every time I sign on to my email, but if I can't reply to you directly (that is, if I don't know your email address), it delays any resolution.

I've got a lot of videos to share with you, folks, but it doesn't do you any good if you can't download them.