Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Blogspot down! Oops! It's Back!

IN case you hadn't noticed, the Cogito Ergo Geek was not available for viewing for a part of Tuesday, May 24. This was a problem which originated with the host (www.blogger.com).

Since you can read this, they have obviously fixed their problem. It didn't affect everyone, but it clobbered me.

It forced me to realize how much I depend on this blog. Not only does it provide me a forum to spew my demented rants, but it also is the source of ALL my favorite links.

If you have some links that you go to frequently, perhaps you could suggest them. I'll load the most popular to my sidebar, making it even easier to go to Cogito Ergo Geek on your way to your regular evening net-surfing regimen.

If you have any suggestions for a subject, I get more fun out of researching a topic and providing pertinent references than a collegial MS candidate. Let me know what seems interesting. (If you can't think of anything specific, go look at the Sondra K website. It should give you some ideas.)

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