Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Air America" Shot Down In Flames

New York City: Comic files suit against 'Air America Radio' over pay

I'll bet this sounds like gloating.

Well, so be it. I'm gloating.

These losers were in 'content' trouble from Day One, and in Financial trouble from Day Two.

"America's Progressive Talk Radio Network" was conceived for one reason: to provide a talk radio format for Progressive/Liberal/Democrat radio listeners, and in the process to steal listeners from Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Reagan, Sean Hannity, Larry Elder, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, my local (oregon) host Lars Larson, and a plethora of other 'Conservative' talk radio hosts.

(I'm not forgetting Michael Savage: I just can't stand him, and while I can't avoid mentioning him I certainly won't provide a link to his website on my blog. Some people are just too obnoxious for words, and these are the last words you'll read here about this mouthy twerp.)

Anyway, Air America was predicated on the proposition that there is a huge number of Liberal radio listeners who are desparate for a talk show which represents their political views, and this new 'silent majority' will flock to anyone who will provide them a forum. They can sell commercials, .....


Liberals would rather call CONSERVATIVE talk shows, and argue with the host. They don't want to talk to people who agree with them; they just want to demonstrate their superiority over anyone who disagrees with them, and they also want to express their hatred for the host (and the host's demented followers). Maybe they think they can 'win hearts and minds' with their clever reparte'.

So far, it hasn't happened. But the liberal callers never quit trying; part of the schtick is that they are so obviously right, they don't need to be reasonable. This may be a partial explanation for why they are the minority in the house, the senate, recent gubenatorial races, and why Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential election and John "I willrelease my military records" Keary lost in 2004.

Air America started out with umpteen stations ... and within a month they lost half of them for lack of funding. Read: nobody was buying commercials.
Nobody was listening.

After they leaned up, they were going strong with a few stations. (I'm embarassed to mention that an Oregon station still carries the show, which is a waste of innocent Bandwidth.)

Al Franken is still gibbering shamelessly. Randi Rhodes is blithering along.

But you won't be hearing from Liz Winstead. (Lizz?)

The Comedienne has been stiffed, big-time.

Comic Lizz Winstead doesn't think Air America Radio was very liberal with her severance and other pay.

Winstead, who helped create Comedy Central's "Daily Show" and went on to develop Air America Radio, filed suit in State Supreme Court in Manhattan Monday against owners of the liberal network, which is a counteroffensive to conservative talk radio.

She claimed that Air America and Piquant LCLC, the latest owner of the year-old network, did not pay her for work as an on-air announcer. She said she also was not given the severance due her as an executive after she was fired in March.
They fired a LIBERAL?

Couldn't they feel her pain?

Winstead, who had a base salary of $250,000, claimed in her lawsuit that she didn't receive four months' severance pay of $83,333, unused vacation time of $14,423 and $200,000 for her on-air work.

Winstead hosted a show called "Unfiltered," with Chuck D. It was part of a network line-up that includes Al Franken created to combat the likes of conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
Adding it all up, it looks like she has been shorted (by her count) well over half a MILLION Dollar$.

That's more than I make in a year. Or ten.

It sounds as if pimping for the libs is profitable ... unless they decide to sign the contract and then not honor it. Oh well, that's the libs for you.

As Lew Rawls once sang:
"Oh shut up, silly woman"
said the reptile with a grin,
"You knew darned well I was a snake before you took me in."
But there's more ....
In addition, Winstead claimed she never received money due for her on-air promotional work for the Vermont Teddy Bear Co.
Who could be so heartless that they would smudge the Vermont Teddy Bear Company?

Certainly not this demented twit.

I'm sorry.

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