Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Department of Reduncy Department

Time now for another swooping flyby of the blogosphere, the MSM (Main Stream Media), niche-market websites and other redundant links ... most of which I found by reading recent posts of a few members of the blogosphere (note redundancy).

Rottweiler references a recent post by Diplomadic concerning UN efforts in Tsunami Relief. Essentially, it's another boondogle. We wonder who pays for these 'diplomatic missions'?

That was refreshing. Imagine, some members of the US Diplomatic Corps share our disenchantment with the United Nations.

Dave Spaulding writes in HANDGUNS MAGAZINE about "What Really Happens In A Gunfight?"

Not too surprisingly, he concludes that people who are trained and prepared for a confrontation are more likely to survive the experience. Forgive me if I seem to minimize the events of gunfight survivors, but it seems to me that (I need to make this relative to IPSC in some way) competition experiences somewhat mirror these results. If you have some expectation that an event might happen, and you have already considered what you will do if "A" happens, or if "B" happens, then you are more likely to handle both of these situations successfully. Of course, learning to handle your equipment under stress will also improve your performance, either on the range or on the street ... or in your home.

As long as we're talking about "protection", GeekWithA45 (no relation) reminds us that ...
"Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals"
Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling doesn't it? Has a nice ring to it. Be a good name for a radio show, as Pat Butram use to say.

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