Sunday, January 02, 2005

Bloggers from Heck

Jesus and Satan were working their own Blogs.

God decided that the constant bickering about who was the best blogger should be decided, once and for all. So He decried that they should both write their finest posts, and the winner would be declared Prince of Whatever.

And so it was written ... Jesus in his own way, and Satan in his own way.

They typed and they typed, and just as both were about to Publish ... the heavenly computers simultaneously displayed the Blue Screen Of Death!

Satan anguished, rent his breast, and cried most pitiously.

Jesus, however, pressed one small, unobtrusive key on his heavenly keyboard. Behold, His penultimate draft appeared on the celestial flatscreen! With a few keystrokes, re-establishing the final Links, His was refreshed, completed, and judged the most piquant post of all.

"Curses!" cursed Satan. "How can this be? We both lost power, we both lost all continuity, yet my worthy opponent recovered and cast me down to the deepest depths of HELL!"

God smiled, and said only:

"Jesus Saves"

And so should you, my blogging friend.

And, next time, so shall I.


Pissy Britches said...

Hi Jerry. Nice site. Someone got a blogger war going on? Thanks for visiting pissybritches. I will stop with the crazy fonts!

Jerry The Geek said...

Hi PB.
No blogwars, just mentioned that your bright red font was a little overpowering. Otherwise, interesting stories in your blor