Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Please don't let the screen door hit you out your way out!

President Trump Just Fired Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy. The NRA And Gun Owners Thank Him. – InvestmentWatch:

Bumping a surgeon general (highest ranking physician in the country) was needful because America doesn't need the Medical Profession declaring that firearms are "a medical problem".

Firearms aren't the problem; they're the solution.

From the article:
 We do not want to lose our Second Amendment Rights, because there are those who actually think guns are the problem.  
But even more troubling is the fact that the same (Obama) Administration has been said to have participated in the crime known as gun running. 

Extreme political solutions to Constitutional Issues have no place in America.   

When the personal opinion of public employees seem to be supported by the President, the issue becomes more important.  Unlike the author of the original article, I do not assume that the Surgeon General had the well-being of citizens as his highest priority.  

I believe that his personal agenda was pursued without consideration for the Constitution, and when a federal employee makes decisions based on his personal bias rather than the virtues of the constitution, he has lost legitimacy.

Also, he has lost his job; which is the best outcome for a Maverick Magistrar!


During the past Presidential Election, I had been reluctant to choose the "Least Bad" candidate.  I was persuaded by friends and colleagues to make the best choice I could, and I chose to pay my political coin to Mr. Trump.

Given the alternative, it was a matter of "You pays your money and you takes your chances".

A "President Hillary" would never have allowed an anti-2nd-Amendment stalwart such as Dr. Murthy to have been so unceremoniously detached from The Public Teat.

Contrarily, the Office of President Trump seems to have no issues with the political disembowelment of Dr. Murth;   "No Guts, No Glory" seems to be the rule of the day.

Under a Democratic Administration, this rat would have been given free leave to gut  our Constitutional Rights with less than a murmur of approbation from a so-called "Democratic" Administration.

Dodged the bullet again!

Thanks, Don. 
 Y'all have done "Not Bad" by engaging in this fight.

Had "Candidate Clinton" been elected, the consequences of this issue would have been much different; and our Constitutional Rights would have been undermined.  
Abrogated, by presidential fiat

("I have a cell phone and a pen".)

We really didn't want to suffer that arrogance for another four years.


Anonymous said...

well said

Mark said...

Guns are tools. They are not the solution to anything save self defense.