Friday, April 28, 2017

Gunbloggers Beyond Excellence

There are a number of (gun) blogs which I try to keep track of, and visit frequently.  One of the best of which (and one which I have not mentioned, nor even visited for too long is The Smallest Minority.

He was here long before I started this blog in 2008, and this Arizona blogger continues to provide interesting commentary and helpful philosophy on a near-daily basis.  (I say "near-daily" because, as I said, I have not visited for several weeks ... I may have missed something.)

Always interesting, and when he finds himself in a dialogue with someone who disagrees with his opinions, he not only takes them on head-to-head; he publishes the exchange for every one to watch.


Here's a LINK to recent (April 11, 2017) article, interrupted in an ongoing dialogue with someone who doesn't necessarily agree with his opinions on "proportional” response" (to a home invasion)..
A sample is provided:
(note: comments in italics are from the British interlocutor)

OK, get an adult beverage and settle in:
“…when you compare figures between the US and UK, you will find that the US and the UK do not define ‘violence’ the same way. The UK definition is much broader, and the UK numbers include such things as bicycle theft and domestic violence, which the US numbers do not.”And that doesn’t really matter, because the statistics I pointed you to were exclusively for your nation. Let’s look at “More serious wounding or other acts endangering life” for example.
1950: 1,078 incidents
1960: 1,847
1970: 2,956
1980: 4,390
1990: 8,920
Your population didn’t grow that much over that period (about 45 million in 1950, about 50 million in 1990). So the rate of this specific violent crime increased from about 2.4/100,000 population in 1950 to 17.84/100,000 in 1990. That’s over a 700% increase in 40 years, and the numbers nearly doubled again by the end of the century.
You are not safer than you were in 1960.
“But if you look at gun-related crime … the US leaves everyone else in the dust.”Only if you cherry-pick the nations you compare us to. Internationally the heavily-armed U.S. ranks about 100th for homicide. Think about that. What disqualified those other 99 nations from your consideration? And why do you concentrate on gun violence? The U.S. has a higher homicide rate committed without guns than England and Wales has by all methods. I will stipulate to our violent tendencies. What I won’t do is attributed those tendencies to the widespread ownership of firearms. I can riff on this subject for a few thousand words, but I’ll pass at this time.
... and then it gets technical.  Also, interesting.


Mark said...

...but wait they banned guns in GB, it should be paradise.

Jerry The Geek said...

You have just proven the value of a "Theorist" society.