Thursday, April 06, 2017

Nobody Does It Better

When it comes to ignoring YOUR Constitutional Rights, nobody does it better than well-entrenched Democrats.

Pennsylvania lawmaker proposes 'no fly, no buy' gun legislation:

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has proposed legislation that would prohibit people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, including the no-fly list, from possessing or purchasing guns in the state. House Bill 528, sponsored and introduced by Democrat Rep. Perry S. Warren, would call on Pennsylvania State Police to check the FBI’s terrorist watch list when someone attempts to purchase a firearm. Anyone denied the purchase of firearms would have the right to appeal.

Pennsylvania State Representative  Perry S. Warren  (Democrat, natch) knows what he wants, and he's just the guy to make it happen!

His philosophy is: "if you're not allowed to fly, you're not allowed to buy!"

Guns, that is.

Note: Nobody knows who is on the "Terrorist No-Fly List, or Why, or Whether They have been accused ... let along convicted ... of a crime.

Here'e the thing about Elected Democrats:

They're not idiots.
Correction: they're not ALL idiots.

Unfortunately, this particular Democrat is, demonstrably, an idiot.

But I think we can usually agree that this guy is a total 'tard.

PS:   Did I forget to mention that flying on an airplane is not a Constitutional Right, and purchasing a Firearm is a Constitutional Right?

But you already know that.

(Bonus: "Nobody Does It Better", Carly Simon: The Spy Who Loved Me)

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Anonymous said...

They are just trying to show that they care, and get re elected.