Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Arizona Weighs In On Smart Guns ... kinda/sorta/maybe (We're Not Sure)

Some Arizona lawmakers voted to block a measure that would stop people from buying smart guns.   (WTF?)

Have I read this wrong?

The original article is unclear, but it sounds as if a "YES" vote would make it "unlawful" to buy a "Smart Gun".

Some states (notably New Jersey) have laws which REQUIRE people to buy Smart Guns if available;   is it possible that Arizona has taken The Road Less Travelled and is considering making them illegal?

Some Arizona Lawmakers Concerned About Smart Gun Technology | KJZZ:

Some Arizona lawmakers voted to block a measure that would stop people from buying smart guns. The House bill would prohibit any mandatory tracking technology on guns, but most of Thursday’s debate centered on the idea of who is and who isn't supposed to be able to fire the gun. Proponents said smart gun technology could prevent shooting tragedies like what happened last week when a little boy was killed by his two year old brother. But opponents like Senator John Kavanagh said the technology isn’t there yet.

It may not matter, since the technology is still untested, but it sounds as if they're only concerned about the option to track the guns. Which seems a valid reason to oppose them, based on privacy issues.  

We're going to assume that the short article was poorly written, and that the legislature is not really going to make Smart Guns Illegal ... just make it illegal to track them.

(By the way, the parent station KJZZ has a nice jazz station online, where you can listen to some good vibes while the reporter goes back to journalism school!)

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