Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Intrusive websites

I've noticed that some of my favorite websites have new features; they want to know more about me than I care to share when I comment on their webpages.

I'm certain that these "updates" are not enforced at the option of the authors; they're something that the  software they use has implemented to track readership and provide marketting tools to them ... the software managers.

I'm not aware if BLOGGER (my website server) has imposed these new requirements on this website, but please be aware that ... if so, it hasn't been done with my consideration, let alone with my agreement.

Frankly, if I have to provide a lot of personal data just to comment on a blog post, I'll reserve my comments and choose not to provide opinions which I think will be more helpful to readers.  It's not my blog, so screw them.

Okay, that's a bit more radical than I want to sound.

I enjoy reading a lot of different blogs, and when I noticed that their software was requiring personal information from commenters, I was appalled.   The worst thing is, I don't know if the bloggers are aware that their readers must provide "tracking" information when they attempt to provide textual comments to their articles.

It astonished me when the guy in the desert ( won't provide a URL ) website accepts comments only when intrusive personal information is provided.

  Come on .... a guy in a desert probably isn't a great fan of Big Dot Com!

(Assume "F-word inserted here) me once, your shame; twice?   my shame!

I will NOT be commenting on any website which requires that my (verified)  website link is autofilled.

And if you have to give up your drivers license number (as at least one social website now requires( in order to comment on anything I have to say here ... I wouldn't encourage you to make comments.

Even though I am may be full of shit, it's just not worth it.

Fuck them, and the white horse they rode in on!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo-stand your ground