Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Some People Never Learn

You would think that after all these years, I would know better.

I tried to send an email after midnight on the First of the Month, and SURPRISE!  My Comcast Email connection was not responsive.

I knew immediately what was going on, but in the spirit of Customer Response I called the COMCAST Emergency Hot Line and met a very sweet-voiced lady named Dianne (not her real name!)  who explained to me that Comcast was aware of the problem and told me that they had already received "a number of calls" about the problem.

The "problem" was that comcast were doing their regularly scheduled (midnight to 5am) backups and database maintenance, and they put on their very best CSR (Customer Service Representatives) to field all the phone calls they expected to receive from ignorant goobers.

You know ... people like me.

They turned it around on me, though.

After being very sympathetic to my concerns, said Sweet Young Thing asked me if I would be available between 6am and noon to participate in an extensive phone survey to discuss 'the problem'.

In other words .... you called me NOW?  How about I call you THEN!

I responded by pointing out that it was 2am and I would probably be asleep at the time they phoned me, so thank you for the offer but I respectfully decline.

(Which was to say: "yes, I know I'm a jerk and it's nice that you pointed out my character flaws in such a gentile manner".)

Which was exactly the expected response.

I make this call to Comcast a couple of times a year, just because I actually AM 'a jerk with nothing better to do at 2am'.

Maybe I ought to find a girl-friend.

Then I'd have something better to do than stay awake half the night and call strangers.  You think?


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Don't get a girlfriend. She would just want to reform you.