Thursday, October 06, 2016

"Send In The Clowns" ... NOT!

Fort Wayne Man Dressed As Clown Shot In Head; Condition Critical - Daily Finesser:

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA –  Fort Wayne police were called just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday to an address at 4701 Plaza Dr., near Standish Street just south of McMillen Park, on a report of a shooting there. When police arrived they found a man in a clown costume shot in his head in critical condition. Fort Wayne Police Department spokesperson Michael Joyner said a white colored suv pulled up alongside of the clown. A man was driving. Joyner said the man got out of the car and fired several shots. The man then got back in the suv and headed north on Plaza. 
Hmm ... let me see what this means:

Clown mask to be banned in USA: wearing one could cost you $50,000

Congress Has Authorized Police Officers to Shoot and Kill Suspicious Clown

Woman mistaken as frightening clown shot and killed at Walmart parking lot

Woman with too much makeup mistaken as clown; attacked by angry mob

Are we REALLY this entirely, clue-less, that we're freaking out because of Clown Warnings?

Or is the American Press quite so ready to so over-report 'exceptional events' that they willingly start anew meme which is killing people?

My best guess is: "YES!"

But no, not really.

All of these "reports" are from the same website, AKA:  "Daily Finesse"

And here am I, accidentally and irresponsibly promoting what might be the WORST website on the internet!

I should be ashamed of myself ...

...  but I'm not

(By The Way .. this should show the fierce clown mask .. if it takes longer to load than you expect, or if it doesn't load at all ... Be Very Afraid, for Halloween has occurred earlier than scheduled!)


Anonymous said...

The sudden unexplained appearance of creepy clowns in our midst should be very alarming. What does it portend?

MuddyValley said...

That another presidential election is very close.

MuddyValley said...

That another presidential election is very close.