Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AXES May Be Hazardous To Your Health

There are two kinds of axes which, if misused, may be hazardous to your health.

The first kind of hazardous axe is physical:

German axe attack on train: Isil claim Afghan refugee who injured four as one of its 'fighters':
Islamic State has claimed an Afghan teenager who attacked passengers on a train in Germany with an axe on Monday night as one of its 'fighters'. Earlier on Tuesday, the interior minister said a hand-drawn Isil flag was found in the room of the 17-year-old, whose attack left three seriously injured. Police shot dead the suspect as he attempted to flee the scene. The assault in Wurzburg was the latest suspected terror attack to shock Europe following the atrocity in Nice last Thursday. 
Terrorists don't need guns to do their dirty work.   Law-abiding citizens need guns to defend against them.

The second kind of hazardous 'axe' is administrative:

Healthy patients to be axed from surgery lists if they don't see GP for five years:
20 JULY 2016 •  A scheme that discriminates against healthy people by axing patients from surgery lists if they have not visited their GP for five years will harm safety, campaigners have warned. Doctors’ and patients’ groups have said the cost-cutting measure also risks leaving elderly and vulnerable people accidently deprived of primary care. NHS England has employed the outsourcing company Capita to begin a process of “list cleansing”, whith [sic]the aim of cutting costs by ensuring accuracy over which patients are using which services.
Socialists don't need guns, either.  They have a pen and a cell phone, and they can do anything they want.   The insidious thing about Socialism is that the participants (citizens/subjects) have put their whole trust .. in effect, they have put their life on the line ...  in 'The System".

But the system is a heartless bitch, and if you live under her aegis, you have few alternatives when she turns her back to you.

It's difficult to determine which kind of 'axe' is more dangerous;  should you trust the terrorist, or should you trust the state?

In an unarmed battle, some people may find it easier to battle against terrorists than The State.
At least a terrorist won't tell you:  "I'm doing this for the general good".


Anonymous said...

You are right, it is very difficult to fight City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Islam may be dangerous to your health.