Friday, July 01, 2016

A Liberal can no more be impartial than a snake can be thankful

NJ2AS President Assaulted by Congresswoman's Chief of Staff: West Orange, New Jersey – (
While attending Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman’s Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable on June 29, 2016, New Jersey Second Amendment Society President, Alexander Roubian, peacefully attempted to ask why she would be advocating for stricter sentencing and laws for firearms while at the same time her sons served a fraction of their sentence for armed robbery.
(H/T: Codrea at War On Guns)

As Roubian began to ask his question, Colemon realized the point of his preamble and interrupted, saying that he would not talk about this during the session!

When Roubian protested, he was forceably escourted from the premises ... a house of worship.

Which gives a whole new meaning to the term "Violence Prevention".

Apparently, violence is permissible if inflicted by the lackeys of the congresscritter

The over-reaction should be excused, because (a) the chaircritter was a Liberal and (b) she had the muscle and (c) she cares no more for the First Amendment than she does for the Second Amendment.

Face it.  Liberals are snakes in the grass.  They don't like to be called "Hypocrites", because as they see it they are only acting according to their political (and personal) nature.

Roubian was  evicted because he just didn't understand the way things work around Snakes, so please get off their grass!

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Anonymous said...

leftist's are often of the: Do as I say, not as I do, persuasion.