Monday, June 06, 2016

The State Of Firearms Training (STOLEN FROM ENDO)

The State Of Firearms Training:

I saw this fascinating article/interview with Firearms Trainer Dave Spaulding, and I thought it was about the most down-to-earth discussion about training I've ever seen.

No BS, no ego, and (spoiler alert) no training tips.  Just one man with experience telling his unscripted and unsolicited (?) opinion on the state of his 'industry' today.

The industry?  Taking people with varying degrees of firearm experience and training them to be safe, accurate, and effective.

Favorite quote;   
"People ask me, 'what kind of shoes do you wear?'   WHO CARES!   The kind that fit my feet!"

Go watch it.  I won't give the link to the video because ENDO deserves the blog-hits.


Oh I almost forgot!

I get the most interesting stuff from places like and The Gun Feed, and there's always The Firearms Blog, and .. well, you get the picture.  There are many 'mainstream' and more 'niche' gunbloggers that I regularly visit as well.  most of those websites will show up frequently on those sites, but some of them only post when they actually have something to say.

Want more? See an extensive list of gun blogs here.

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