Thursday, June 23, 2016

"The Most Transparent Administration In History"? Depends on

Apparently, if you want to live in a country free of corruption, you must move to Greenland.

The Most Corrupt Countries | FindTheData:
Though they didn't crack the top 30 list, Transparency International wrote in a report that the level of perceived corruption in Australia, Brazil, Libya, Spain and Turkey has risen dramatically. Also, note that these countries that made the list are all characterized by some sort of violent social or political conflict.

[Australia??? Really?]

The scale of the issue is huge. Sixty-eight per cent of countries worldwide have a serious corruption problem. Half of the G20 are among them.Not one single country, anywhere in the world, is corruption-free.

Which are the most corrupt (definition?) countries in the world?
(See the interactive 'world corruption map' here.)

Very large scale version of the map here.

From the (2015) report by Transparency, International:

Five of the 10 most corrupt countries also rank among the 10 least peaceful places in the world.In Afghanistan, millions of dollars that should have gone on reconstruction have been reportedly wasted or stolen, seriously undermining efforts to sustain peace.
Even where there’s not open conflict, the levels of inequality and poverty in these countries are devastating.
In Angola, 70 per cent of the population live on US$2 a day or less. One in six children die before the age of five – making it the deadliest place in the world to be a child. More than 150,000 children die each year. But not everyone’s suffering.
Dubbed Africa’s youngest billionaire, Isabel dos Santos made her US$3.4 billion fortune from the national diamond and telecommunications business. She’s also the president’s daughter.

(I've tried to embed the map, but it just doesn't link to BLOGGER all that well;, which is why you may see a large blank space below.   It appears that even the original source is not quite as 'transparent' as one would wish.    I've carefully removed all embedded code which requires a security code to actually access the map by means other than going to the originating website.)


Mark said...

Its not corruption, it is just my fair advantage.

Anonymous said...

It is not corruption when the courts say it is legal.

Jerry The Geek said...

Oh. It's not corruption when you own the courts?