Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why "Gun Control" is doomed to fail

Remember Jeff Goldbloom's annoying character "Malcom" in that dinosaur movie?

Goldbloom is still annoying, but the philosophy which the (brilliant) writers imposed on him is absolutely correct: Life Finds A Way.

And so do Armed Citizens:

Homemade submachine guns used in Tel Aviv shooting - The Firearm Blog:

Efforts by terrorists and rebel groups to produce homemade submachine guns isn’t anything new. Small workshops in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ churned out hundreds of crude but entirely functional weapons which were used in sectarian killings by Loyalist paramilitary groups.
In the 1970s various rebel groups across South America including Argentina’s Maoist ERP set up factories to produce homemade submachine guns including close copies of the Swedish K / M45. Security forces In Colombia have in the past closed down factories operated by FARC which produced versions of the British 9mm STEN as well as MAC-10 submachine guns. 
We’ll likely continue to see more attacks perpetrated with this type of weapon in future, especially in areas in which the smuggling of conventional arms may present difficulties, thus leaving a void for entrepreneurs with drills and hacksaws to fill.
It doesn't really matter whether you are "A Good Guy With A Gun" or  "A Bad Guy With A Gun".

If you want one, you will find a way.

Laws are only obeyed by honest people.

When dishonest laws are imposed, they make honest people criminals.
Witness  "Will Not Comply".

One wonders how the Diane Feinsteins of this world manage to delude themselves into believing that they can make laws which contravene the Constitution,and Free Citizens will meekly bow their heads and comply.
Well .. it may have something to do with the fact that the only people she actually TALKS to are Liberals.

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Anonymous said...

Gun bans and confiscations happened in Great Brittan and much of the Commonwealth, as well as Europe, South American and other places, I could happen here.