Thursday, November 22, 2018


This will be the 8641th post I've written to this blog since December of 1998.

But it's only the 4098th post I've actually published.   The other 4562 I sat back after I wrote and then said to myself:  "Hmmm ... that's just stupid" ... and never published them.

Given some of the *(often repetitive)* tripe I've published in the last 20 years, you can imagine the amount of embarrassment I've saved myself by declining to publish the other half of them.

So I want to thank my "constant readers" ... all four of them ... and the rest of you who somehow noticed that something I said may have seemed reading through to the end.

PS:   Yes, I noticed that the published and unpublished counts don't add up to 8641.   Blame it on the software .... they found the one extra post, I didn't.

So enjoy your turkey and trimmings.  I have my dinner cooking and it's in a pot on the front burner, not cooking for hours in the oven.

I've got to go now before the pot boils over.  I hate it when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Hoping your Thanksgiving was very happy and Thanksgiving diner filled the soul as well as the stomach.

Mark said...

you are welcome, keep 'em comin'

Anonymous said...

You are casting light where there is darkness.