Sunday, October 28, 2018

RIP Dave Skinner

I wanted to write about Dave Skinner .... and while researching him,  I learned that he had died.

It's hard to write about a friend.   Maybe more remembrances.

Maybe later.

Much later.


Anonymous said...

Sad, may he RIP. I also knew Dave. I shot with him for years. He was a really really great guy.

Mark said...

Saddens me, I liked Dave. He was fun to shoot with and sip beer after. RIP buddy.

Anonymous said...

How come this wasn't in the Front Sight as a 'Left The Range' piece? Dave did a lot to support USPSA and IPSC

Jerry The Geek said...

You know ... that's a helluva good question. Maybe it's just because nobody knew about it? Or maybe it's because nobody who was good enough to research and write it decided it was worth the effort.

I wish I was "good enough", but I'm not.

Best I can do is write my own little private eulogy.

It's not enough, but the best you can do is the best you can do.