Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Oh, you're so paranoid; nobody does home invasions any more!"

Terror for the Beckhams as masked raiders attempt to break in to their Cotswolds home | Daily Mail Online: David and Victoria Beckham have been left distraught after a group of balaclava-clad burglars attempted to break into their Cotswolds mansion.  Police were called to the couple’s  6 million home in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, last Friday after their 24 hour security surveillance team noticed the intruders on the property’s CCTV.  Guests at the nearby Soho Farmhouse, which is just a stone’s throw away and a favourite haunt of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, spotted them too and ran to scare them off.
Actually, home invasions do occur to "Normal Folks", too.
(details deleted)

Some of my family think I'm paranoid. 
Maybe I am. 
But with three minutes of online effort, I found myself on a map describing exactly where I live. 
I needed a few personal details to "find myself", but the search is simple and anyone can do it.

That's scary!

If YOU have reason to believe that there are a couple of people who would be willing to do you harm, you might want to search for "yourself" online.

You never know when or where your personal information might be found:
A few years ago, I searched and found my name on a Genealogy website.  I contacted the webmaster, and demanded that my name be deleted.  The webmaster was upset, but I was adamant; it connected my name to other family members, and I had no wish to put them to risk.
I declined to allow them to be used as leverage to get to me.

So... just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean nobody is out to get you. 

ANYBODY can be a target of Home Invaders.   I'm not as rich as the Beckhams, but their invaders only wanted "things" from them.  There was no immediate fear for their lives.

When my home was invaded, I was at work but two innocent women were murdered.

I was a witness in the jury trial.  The convicted felon might be released at any time by a Liberal parole panel.  They no longer contact me when they (annually) review this case.

If that murderer gets free, the first thing he'll do is hunt me.

I don't EXPECT that to happen, but I try to prepare for it.


Anonymous said...

The English are so civilized that you are not allowed to protect yourself from home invaders. All you can do is hope to be able to flee.

Jerry The Geek said...

WORSE ... if you use violence to protect yourself/family/home, you are liable for civil punishment for your actions ... as if you were the one who instigated violence in your home.