Monday, October 01, 2018

Bump Stocks Commentary

"What we've here ... is FAILURE ... to COMMUNICATE."
SayUncle: A year after Vegas shooting, ATF emails reveal blame, alarm over bump stocks. ATF stated they were suddenly thrown into the political by NRA, who pointed out they were ATF approved. 
What began as a "National Tragedy" has evolved into finger-pointing and a search for someone to blame for the insanity of one man.

Did I say "someone"?

(Anyone except for the demented mass murderer who used a loophole in the law to arm himself for what is for all intents and purposes a "loophole" in the law.)

The hammer is going to fall on the ATF, and maybe that's legitimate; but maybe it's not.

Speaking of hammers, I'm pretty sure I'll get hammered for what I'm about to say:

Because of the Las Vegas Massacre, the ATF will eventually be mandated to severely regulate every accessory and replacement part to your firearms   (starting with firing pins, which will be required to "stamp" a serial number on the primer or base of your ammunition)  ... new rules, regulations and laws. 

Your access to replacement parts will be subject to federal oversight; including a firing pin (needs a serial number!), a trigger shoe, or adjustment to effect a lighter trigger pull. 

A "Normal Capacity Magazine" will be legally restricted by the Federal Government.

Your 12-gauge shotgun could be registered as a "hand cannon" because it is capable of shooting slugs (which are the only gun currently legal for deer hunting in some states) and may be designated a "Hand Cannon".   (Okay, I'm making that up. )

I'm not even going to try to address the possibility that you can't replace or modify the stock on your rifle with a "custom made" stock; that, too, will be serialized.

Why? Because the national hysteria about guns makes your deer gun a sniper rifle; your 12 gauge Quail Gun is an instrument of Mass Murder, and your WWI 1911 pistol will be illegal because it can accept a magazine of more then (5, 6, 8, or ten round) capacity.

This will result in arcane rules which make no sense to the Common Man, make it more expensive to own a firearm, and the government will become even more intrusive in your day-to-day life as a firearms owner.

Count on it.   Today, Government is not here to help you, but to turn you into a nameless plebe with even more limited rights.

The ATF is tasked to enforce existing laws which regulate certain firearms ad 'Dangerous Weapons".   Guns are identified by the serial number stamped on breech or barrel, and specific firearms are regulated by type of action:  pistols (revolvers) are generally not regulated at all, because you have to press the trigger, then release it, then press the trigger again to fire the next shot.

Semi-automatic pistols and rifles are regulated by a more ... creative ... set of regulations.  Magazine Capacity is generally used by states which are hoplophobic (fear guns!) to limit the design and actions of various guns.

Laws are enacted by legislators to restrict access to guns which inspire hoplophobia in citizens, arand the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms et al), and are enforced by that federal agency.

The thing is, the ATF isn't a law-making agency; it's a law enforcement agency.   Sure, they can make establish regulations, which are enforced by law ... but they're not really LAWS.

On the federal level, laws are created by Congress.    They can tell the ATF what the laws are and require them to enforce them.   So the ATF is, at best, a paper tiger.

NOW THE ATF IS BEING ACCUSED of responsibility for the Las Vegas Massacre, and while I'm not going to say "poor sweet babies .. boo hoo!",s you can bet your IRA that the ATF will find itself responsible for regulating not only serialized firearms, but EVERY ATTACHEMENT and REPLACEMENT PART which may change the basic characteristic of individual firearms.

Your government in action.  Embrace it.  They will rule you to death.

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Good summary of big government.