Wednesday, September 12, 2018

All they know is what they read in the papers

The Trace references an independent study which purports to prove ... statistically ... that private individuals who legally carry guns do not reduce crime. (see below the fold for detail)

The thing is, crimes which do not occur because of legally carried guns are rarely reported.

Woman Waiting For Her Commute:
During the bitter winter of the year in which Oregon permitted concealed carry, a lady friend of mine was waiting in the transit station to catch her ride into Portland.  She was approached by a trio of young men who threatened her and demanded her purse.  She slipped her hand into the pocket of her overcoat ... and the thugs backed off.   

They said (words to the effect) "Oh no, you don't gotta pull a gun on us, lady.   We're out of here!"

And they left. 
A few minutes later, her bus arrived and she went to her job.

Did she report the attempted mugging?   No, she did not.   She was cold, worried more about getting to work on time, and the crime (of "Threatening", if nothing else) was never reported.

Man Leaving The Office:
Another friend was threatened in the parking lot of the Corporate Headquarters building where he and I both worked ... this was just after he got off work.    He had stayed late to finish a product, and he was the only employee in the parking lot. 

Again, multiple assailants ... but this time he had a pistol in a concealed carry holster; he pulled the gun just far enough to display it, and the gang ran.

He unlocked his car and went home to dinner.  No report was filed with the police, the incident never appeared in the newspapers. 

Just life in The City.

I worked for several years in an educational institution.  I carried every day.  Even though I had a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) it was not legal for me to bring a firearm into the buildings, although it was legal for me to (concealed) carry on campus.  (NOTE: Oregon does not recognize any other state's handgun license; we are that weird.)

Nobody knew I was armed, and I kept the pistol in a locked desk drawer during the day; I only carried it between the parking lot and my office.   And I was never assaulted during that most dangerous time of the day ... on the way to and from work.

If I HAD been approached by someone who threatened me, I would have lost my job by defending myself with a gun; it was obviously a violation of my "Terms of Employment" for me to possess a firearm in any building on campus.     I wouldn't have reported it, either.

In Oregon, CHL folks are the Red-Headed Stepchild; nobody recognizes us, nobody likes us, so we just keep a low profile ... at least, in our professional life.

I suspect many CHL folks around the country are much the same way.  We don't advertise.
And i wouldn't even be writing this, if I wasn't retired.  Now Oregon laws on CHL have been updated just a little bit, but I still can't carry inside of any building on any campus in Oregon.

BELOW THE FOLD: CHL does not reduce crime

What Caused the Two-Decade Dip in Crime Rates? Not ‘Good Guys with Guns.’:

The Texas A&M paper directly challenges the hypothesis that increased numbers of concealed carry permits reduce crime. The study analyzes a decade of data from every county in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas, the only states with at least a decade of reported data on permit holders and arrest rates after the implementation of their RTC laws (an explanation of their methodology that, unlike what Lott misleadingly suggests in a rebuttal, is very clearly delineated). Using several statistical models, Phillips found no significant relationship between changes in concealed carry rates and changes in any crime rate. In other words, the study found no evidence that increasing the number of permit holders decreases (or increases) crime.


BillM said...

You can carry concealed in ANY Oregon public school. ORS 166.370 B(d)
Does not apply to private schools--they can set their own rules.
May not apply if you are an employee or student.

Mark said...

The NRA estimates there are over a million times a year crimes are prevented and not reported by CHL people.

Jerry The Geek said...

Bill ...

... You are reading he broad public announcements from Oregon's upper-level school system, and not the details.

Take for example my alma mater, Oregon State University:

Their policy is that you can, indeed, carry concealed (not open) on any University campus, as long as you abide by the details regarding CCL within buildings.

They then list specific buildings on each campus, within you are forbidden (and enforceable by state law) to carry.

Each Oregon State University website lists EVERY BUILDING ON THEIR CAMPUS!

By following the rules while attempting to appear "universal", every campus specifically forbids the carrying of firearms within EVERY building. So what they accept in general, they forbid in the specifics. They WILL NOT ALLOW firearms in any building .. so what good is it if you can carry on campus, but can't enter the OSU Memorial Union (for example) to take a cup of coffee?

The NRA statistics have nothing to do with the bias of liberal collegians who fear law-abiding citizens more than they fear the "lone rogue" assailants; and they don't except the people who have been vetted by law-enforcement agencies.

They would rather accept the risk of an unknown rogue shooting up their student body and their faculty, than to accept the chance that a certified CHL gun owner will not go rogue. Because they know that you and I carry guns, and a stranger .. well, maybe he does not.