Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Never Sign A Petition Until You Know What It Calls For!

The author of this article points out that signers of the anti-second amendment petition being circulated in Washington were unable to understand what they were signing.

Professional Consultants screw-up Anti-Gun initiative effort with amateur failure to proofread | We the Governed:
Washington State’s much hyped anti-gun initiative (I-1639) looks like it could be aborted before it can even make the ballot.  The Initiative Sponsors and their consultants failed to proof-read the initiative language they printed on the back of the signature sheets. It turns out they didn’t use the accurate language of the very initiative they were sponsoring.  They can’t blame gun owners, the NRA, Trump, Republicans, or even the Washington Secretary of State for this screw up.  Their consultants own this failure.
Note that the typeface on the "explanation" (required on the back of every petition signature page) was so small that it was not 'easily readable" ... among other violations of the standards for petition forms.

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