Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Money for nothin'; Chicks for Free!

"... Anyone who wants to vote ... " Really, Michelle?

Michelle Obama joins nationwide voter registration effort | News | wisconsingazette.com:
(July 20, 2018)
Stepping back into the political fray, Michelle Obama is lending her star power to a new nationwide effort to register anyone who wants to vote in the November midterm elections. The former first lady this week announced her involvement as a co-chair of When We All Vote. The nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization will work online and in person to help register anyone who wants to vote in the fall, when Democrats hope to ride a wave of anger among liberal voters against President Donald Trump's policies on immigration, health care and other issues to take back control of the House and Senate.

Usually, we expect that voters are at least American citizens.

Michelle Obama carefully avoided the issue; she said "ANYONE" and we can only assume that she meant what she said.

Apparently, this is not an issue for Democrats.  And Ms Obama has not established a qualification which includes American Citizenship.

She said: "ANYONE WHO WANTS TO VOTE"; and I take her at her word' which assumes that the vote will become available to anyone who is a resident ... not just those who are citizens.

We now have millions of non-citizens in this country.  Some of them are working and some of them are living on "The Dole".  There's something wrong with this, and non-citizens should not vote.

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Anonymous said...

Citizenship seems to have become optional for many things.