Thursday, July 05, 2018

Climbing the Stature of Liberty to protest Immigration Policies?

I can't say that I agree with her politics ...
Woman escorted down after scaling Statue of Liberty following anti-ICE protests | Fox News: A woman was escorted down from the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday after she scaled the bottom part of the national monument in protest of U.S. immigration policy, sparking a nearly four-hour standoff with authorities.

But I must admire her  dedication to a cause which is important to her!

Music: "We are climbing Jacob's Ladder (4 minutes)


Anonymous said...

Was she from Portlandia?

Jerry The Geek said...

Apparently the lady in question was NOT from "Portlandia" ... but rumor has it that she was a casual blogger best known for not spell-checking her output. (Or if she did, she left a lot of typos in her blog entries.)

As we all are aware, this is grounds for thoughts of suicide for sane bloggers.

Fortunatily I have nver been acused of bieng a gud blolger, so I'm probly safe fur now.