Saturday, June 09, 2018

Where Have All The Swimsuits Gone?

Miss America Beauty Contest has become the Miss America Politically Correct Competition.

America has finally hit the skids, when a beauty contest doesn't focus on feminine pulchritude.
("Pulchritude-ness"?) of the femininity of its contestants,

I stand with the author (see below) in my dismay that the "swimsuit competition:" has been eliminated as one of the essential elements of a beauty contest.

Let me say that loudly:


Face, Figure, Form.  Okay, you can be a Rhodes Scholar and that helps, but it's still a BEAUTY CONTEST and how can you judge beauty without  ... oh, wait a minute.  Are they going to ask the contestants to model in the nude?

There's a Liberal theme here, and I'm against it.
And I'm not the only one:
Miss America Swimsuit Competition Eliminated: Political Correctness Gone Wild | National Review: The Miss America competition will now focus on ‘scholarship, social impact, talent and empowerment.’ Good luck with that. The Miss America Organization announced this week that it will no longer judge women on their “outward physical appearance.” To that end, the swimsuit competition is gone. “We are no longer a pageant,” Gretchen Carlson, the group’s head, explained. “Miss America will represent a new generation of female leaders focused on scholarship, social impact, talent and empowerment.” Before I go on, let me confess my shameful secret: I like looking at really beautiful women, including when they wear bikinis.

I'm with "That Guy".

As a reasonable comparison, what if the National Merit Scholarship Program decided to eliminate Grade Point Average of prospective candidates,

It would lose all of its supposed pertinence. 
Scholarship is defined as smartness; Beauty is defined as comeliness.

You want to eliminate the Swimsuit Competition from Beauty Contests?
Fine with me ... let them pose in the Nude Competition.

Heck, I might actually hook my television to the Cable outlet to watch that show.


Mark said...

What else did you expect as PC creeps over the land?

Anonymous said...

Is this part of the fundamental change promised us by a former president?