Saturday, June 30, 2018

WAPO is always good for a laugh

The NRA is laughing all the way to the bank - Opinion pages of The Washington Post:
Even though the Capital Gazette shooter had threatened the newspaper, he was still able to legally purchase a gun — the common denominator of all the modern mass killings in the United States.
I'm not sure how the NRA is conflated with a mass shooting, but under Federal Law citizens with no felony convictions or history of mental illness are free to exercise their Constitutional Rights.

But I guess that the good folks who write Letters to the Editor of the Washington Post rely less  on reason and facts, than hyperbole and Liberal Hypnosis.   They would rather attack the National Rifle Association for its defense of the Second Amendment rights of ALL Americans,  than to address the mania of today's American Psyche.

Is there A Good Reason why writers to the editor of WAPO should hypothesize that their fellow citizens who legally own guns should be tarred with the same brush as a mass murderer?

Once the concrete of Trump's fascist republic fully cures, the NRA crowd will be sorely disappointed when the democracyless (?) right wing state of their dreams knocks on the front door demanding to collect their guns. 
Wow.  Like, that's really, really DEEP man, y'know.  What's that stuff you're smoking?
It has  verisimilitude, analogy, and all that stuff that make you sound, like ... smart?

(I'd love to see the WAPO OPINION author of this article knock on the door of any legal gun owner and demand  to confiscate the constitutionally protected firearms there.   That's the epitome of "democracyless " ... which I think is a "made up" word.)

I doubt there's a reasoning person in this country who doesn't think that the mass murder of innocents is unconscionable..

If the people behind that knocked door were ALL armed, and the killer knew it ... that massacre would never have happened. 

Because wolves only hunt sheep.

And the writer of this opinion article is definitely a "sheeple".

This is me.  Laughing.

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Anonymous said...

Maryland is working hard to completely disarm it's population.