Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nobody Likes a Potty Mouth

The Democrat who said 'F**k The NRA' Is Dropping Out Of NM Congressional Race - Matt Vespa: Pat Davis is dropping out. The New Mexico Democrat who made headlines with his “f**k the NRA” ad has decided to back his challenger instead. He’s doing it to help shore up party unity in the race that’s considered a toss up.
Curiously, in a news release published yesterday, he claimed that his numbers were looking good and that he had received a lot of encouragement from his constituents.

His opponents (in New Mexico?) didn't necessarily disagree with his opinion:
Opponent Deb Haaland issued the following statement:
"The NRA and the arms industry are responsible for horrific preventable deaths all across America -- with communities of color hardest hit by this epidemic of violence. I fully understand the anger many people are expressing, and I share it -- even if I might use different words."
Damon Martinez's campaign declined to comment. KRQE News 13 did not hear back from Antoinette Lopez.
Well they're Democrats, trying to toe the party line (and privately grinning at the curiosity of an avid anti-gunner shooting himself in the foot).

Let's start a new totally unfounded rumor, shall we?


Claims He'll Feel More Comfortable as a Member of the "STUPID PARTY

(file under: "Accidental Discharge")

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