Thursday, March 08, 2018

NRA Membership Controversy

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I'm no great friend of the NRA ... they're too reluctant for my taste to take on the anti-gunners, so as far as I'm concerned the NRA is a bunch of woosies.

Which is another way of saying that the NRA is insufficiently aggressive for my taste.

I'm currently a dues-paying member  of the NRA, but that varies from year to year;  some days I am reluctant to pay my dues, some days not.   

I suspect that I'm not the only "NRA MEMBER" who doesn't consider the NRA to be a sufficiently conservative representative of his pro-gun views.    That doesn't mean we don't agree with the NRA   it might mean that the NRA is more politically correct, and less liberally cognizant, than I am

The mainstream-press (read:  "LIBERALS")  may choose to interpret a choice to declline a conservative statement with a choice to disavow agreement with with the NRA's political position.

 I may be an NRA member this year, and a cranky old poop  the next;  but I'm completely comfortable with my NRA affiliation, even though I question their politics on a daily basis.

I'm guessing that I'm not the only "cranky old poop" who (from year to year) declines to renew his membership because the NRA is too 'gentle' to represent my pro-gun opinions.   So ... some years I don't renew my NRA membership, and that skews the "representation" numbers of the NRA.

That doesn't mean that the NRA isn't the best representative of my politics from year to year.

So when the extreme liberal website "Mother Jones" questions the exact-at-this-moment membership numbers of of the NRA, I have to mention that the membership is probably much more conservative than the organization, and the pure numbers which are reported might not be as  significant a 'data point' as the casual observer chooses to report.

Speaking as  not-so-casual observer, the membership of the NRA is so controversial that even its own members are so politicially (and socially) involved that they question the goals and involvement of their political support on a daily basis?

The NRA Says It Has 5 Million Members. Its Magazines Tell Another Story. – Mother Jones:
The National Rifle Association likes to boast that it represents 5 million gun owners. Or maybe it’s “nearly” 5 million—or perhaps “more than” 5 million. The NRA has never provided solid numbers on how many members it has, yet a look at what data is out there suggests that its claims may be wide of the mark—and the real figure could have dropped by more than 10 percent in the year after Donald Trump was elected president.


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