Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dems fear NRA members: Their Fears Are Misplaced

In the latest push to subvert the Second Amendment rights of American, the Democratic Party is walking on cat feet.

They look at the latest flurry of mass murders, they hear their constituents cry out for them to DO SOMETHING! ... and they propose laws which will not affect the insane, but will only serve to impose draconian controls on law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against the murderers.

The problem is ... the Democrats fear Republicans.

Republicans are not the problem.



Anonymous said...

It is true that Republicans and folks who vote R are the problem, and must be beaten.

Jerry The Geek said...


The problem is that we are a nation divided by two political parties which refuse to agree on any direction which would advance our national interests. Both parties are determined to be ascendent, and so they undermine even the most laudatory measures in the interest of the country.

Our divergent political parties are so caught up in the battle that we cut our own national throat while trying to decide which party has the best solution to problems which neither side can agree on.

When adherents of one political party assert that the other party is "The Problem" (as you have done, here) it only widens the gap ... and imposes more barriers to "working together".

I'm disappointed that someone has come onto MY WEBSITE and made such a pusillanimous charge.

Neither political party has enhanced its image by proposing viable solutions; they are both so vicious that they cannot work together to make our country whole again; not "great again", but a country which has alternatives to consider but their politicization disallows them to work together.

I don't EVER want to hear that one political party is 'the problem', because the politicization is the problem.

If YOU want to get our country back on track, it would be a lot more constructive if YOU had some idea about how to accomplish that goal.'

Casting aspersions against anonymous political party members is perhaps not the most constructive contribution you might make.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to put the sarcasm symbol after my comment.

Mark said...

I hope we are seeing the end of the two dominant party system.