Saturday, February 17, 2018

Amy Schumer Asks for Donations to Gun Control Group In Lieu of Wedding Gifts

Every direction I turn, someone is asking me to give them money.

Is that the way your life turns, too?

Honestly, even in news articles, someone (including people I not only DO NOT KNOW but even those I WOULD CHOOSE NOT TO KNOW) expect me to give them money which would be better spent on causes which would benefit ME, not them. I'm thinking ... tomorrow's dinner would be a better investment in my pension.

What IS it about "Public Figures" that they toil not, they perform no useful purpose, but because of their notoriety they seem to feel that the cash dollars which I have  earned should be haphazardly pitched in their direction

Are these people, who have never met me, deserving to milk me like a barren cow just because I am presumed to know their name?   Am I entitled to bug them for 10% of their earnings if I tell them my name is "Jerry" and now they owe me money?

I guess that they believe "it doesn't hurt to ask", but for a total stranger (and a homely visaged one at that) to entreat me to pay for her freaking WEDDING by donating my retirement fund for a cause which I would not willingly support (either gun control, or the possible extension of her piss-poor politics via her prospective progeny)  .... that, to me, seems  an excessive exercise in Hubris.

  • (Is that a run-on sentence?  Never mind. )

Amy Schumer Asks for Donations to Gun Control Group In Lieu of Wedding Gifts: \
After announcing that she had wed chef Chris Fischer in a surprise ceremony this week, comedian Amy Schumer asked fans to forgo wedding gifts and to instead send donations to the Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. Schumer told fans about her wedding via Instagram, and denied she’d had a shotgun wedding, writing:“No, I’m not pregnant.” She then added: “And no gifts but thank you for asking. Instead please consider [a] donation to everytown for gun safety. Thought of Mayce and Jillian a lot yesterday and sending love to everyone who has been affected by gun violence.”
Okay, there is some humor implied in this announcement.  Specifically, the relationship between the term "shotgun wedding" and the plea for TOTAL STRANGERS to contribute to  Bloomberg's "Everytown for Gun Safety" ... really, did she think this trough?   I suspect such subtlty is beyond her.

I doubt it as much as I doubt the sanity of her fiance, who is supposedly willing to spend the rest of his life in the company of this airhead!

(And thank you Jesus for someone-who-isn't-me to bite the bullet and wed this ditzt! Can you imagine the children which would presumably result from this marriage???)

All I can say is, that if I ever contributed to "gun control" causes, which I would not do because they're all inane and insane, I certainly would not contribute my hard-earned dollars to any cause which is endorsed by Amy Schumer.  That's a perfect union, when you think about it; an airhead espousing an airhead cause ... what could be more intellectually perfect?

(Okay, I stuck the word "intellectual" in the last paragraph knowing full well that "Amy Schumer" (or anyone with the Schumer Name, including the congress-critter),  is not deserving to be mentioned in the same book, let alone the same paragraph, with the word "intellectual".)

(And yes, I realize that I inserted a parenthetical phrase inside of another parenthetical phrase; she is so inane, she deserves to be described parenthetically (parenthetically speaking).)

It may occur that the entire Schumer clan serves no better purpose than to cause outraged observers to violate the sylogisms which are strictly limited in " Wright's Rules of Essays".

On the other hand, the Schumers may (individually, and as a clan) be merely the scum of the earth, and deserve no higher approbation.


Anonymous said...

She is in the Al Franken mold, an unfunny comedian

Anonymous said...

Be brave, just say "No".

FiftycalTX said...

I gave the NRA Political Victory Fund $104 If I had known that slut was calling for "donations" to anti-gun orgs, I would have doubled it.