Monday, December 18, 2017

Welcome to England, where our anti-firearms laws are making this a safer hunting ground!

Other than that, remember that you cannot legally defend your person or home with a paring knife!
Or pepper spray.  Or anything else which might inconvenience your friendly  neighborhood home-intruder/murderer.   But you CAN use a Rape Alarm!

Violent crime rising in England and Wales, police figures show | UK news | The Guardian:
There have been “small but genuine” increases in murder and other violent crimes, including 13-14% increases in gun and knife crime in 2016, according to the latest police-recorded crime figures. The Office for National Statistics said the police data showed a 9% rise in overall crime in 2016, but that had to be viewed alongside the more authoritative crime survey of England and Wales, which showed an apparent 5% fall over the same period. These figures do, however, show an increase in violent crime, with a 10% rise in robberies, a 35% increase in public order offences and a 12% rise in sexual offences, including rapes.

,,, which has nothing at all, of course, to do with that when seconds count, the bobby on the block is only an hour or two away; and while you are waiting,  you are free to try to talk to your home intruder ... but you can't hurt him!

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Anonymous said...

The results of ultra PC.

Mark said...

Wait, wait how can gun crime increase? Guns are outlawed in Blighty. Oh, woe is us.