Thursday, October 26, 2017

Murder Insurance?

The NRA has shot itself in the foot ... again.  And it's their own damn fault.  (My annual membership dues are paid up for this year, so I can say this.)

A recent "Hello Giggles" article accuses the National Rifle Association of offering "Murder Insurance":

Why the NRA’s new “murder insurance” is so alarming to gun control activists:
Gun lobbyists have been working tirelessly to protect gun owners and their “right to bear arms.” In a move that has left many gun control activists absolutely appalled, the National Rifle Association is now putting its weight behind insurance coverage for NRA members who may find themselves dealing with lawsuits that stem from shooting someone. In other words, the NRA-sponsored insurance policy will provide “clean-up costs for any covered claim resulting from the use of a legally possessed firearm — including an act of self-defense.” The NRA’s “Carry Guard” sells itself as the “most complete self-defense insurance program and training for those who carry a gun.” But some are calling it “murder insurance.” This move is prompting many to ask: Why implement better laws to regulate guns when someone can shoot first and show their “murder insurance” card later?

Why call it "Murder Insurance"?

Good question;  the NRA website (see below) doesn't present the details in a manner as obvious as it might have, and that makes it reasonable to misunderstand the conditions. 

The "Carry Guard" insurance policy will NOT reimburse the insured if the firearm was not legally possessed, is not used in self-defense, or if the insured is otherwise found guilty (of a felony).

Which is to say, it specifically does not pay if the insured murders somebody.

But anyone who casually visits the NRA website might be forgiven for not having noticed the "fine print".  I think that the NRA has deliberately (or on the advice of shysters lawyers) buried the details deep in the webpage which offers the insurance plan.  Well, that's what lawyers do; give bad advice.

So when someone criticizes their policy, and automatically assumes that the policy will recompense "murderers" ... it may be somewhat naive, but it's politically useful!

The NRA has nobody to blame but themselves for this misinterpretation.


Here's the applicable FAQ text from the NRA Carry Guard website:

Each NRA Carry Guard member’s insurance applies to four components: Civil suit liability, civil defense legal costs, criminal defense reimbursement and supplementary payments. When an NRA Carry Guard member uses a legally possessed firearm in self-defense, the member will have immediate access to their insured supplementary payments. This amount is up to 20% of the criminal defense reimbursement limit. Any criminal defense costs incurred by the member are reimbursed when their case is dismissed or are found not guilty. If a civil suit is presented by the alleged victim(s), the remaining policy limit will apply. Supplementary payments and related criminal defense reimbursement expenses will reduce the amount of insurance available for civil suit damage awards.

Side Note:

Hello Giggles was co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, an actress from a family of actors (including sister Emily Deschanel, "Doctor Temperance Brennan" in BONES).   I like BONES more than I like the people who run the NRA.   I think Zooey appeared on one episode.

But sometimes, like today ... the NRA is almost as entertaining as Television.


Mark said...

Jerry, think about it. What happens if you have to use your gun to defend yourself? The perp, if surviving, will sue you, if not, his family will. There are enough pond scum lawyers (redundant, I know) out there to come after you. It is nice to have insurance rather than be financially broken by a POS lawsuit.

Rivrdog said...

The NRA has a sorry record of insurance promotion. Besides various life insurance policies, they've touted Life Schlock, which has many loopholes in it. The same gyppos then came up with Carry Garden, which doesn't know a shovel from a spade, and has mandatory "training" (read: NRA indoctrination) attached.

This latest scam from NRA was originally intended to be a gun control "compromise" to allow concealed carry permits in the face of a dummocrat-controlled government, which didn't happen, so why did Carry Garden?

If you are worried about your legal liability on ANY subject, retain an attorney, don't buy "attorney insurance".