Friday, July 14, 2017

I don't understand why Chicago imposes ineffective Gun Bans

Y'know, if gun bans "worked" to minimize firearms violence, I could understand why cities, and states, would impose draconian gun laws.

But ... here's the thing;

The only ones who obey anti-gun laws, are the law-abiding citizens.

Not the Criminals.
Not the Crazies.
Not even the Incompetent.

The only people who pay any attention to Gun Control Laws are the people who already recognize that there's "something wrong here" and who willingly obey the Draconian Gun-Control Laws.

Why do they listen to the clueless law-makers? *
  Because (a) it's The Law, and (b) they think they are helping ... even though they are the LAST people who will contribute to "Firearms Violence".

*(We should talk about "Firearms Violence" someday, but ...  later)*

It is ridiculous to impose laws which only the law-abiding will obey!

Flashback: Chicago's Murder Rate Was Even Higher During Handgun Ban:
Chicago’s gun crime is soaring, and the city’s mayor is pushing more gun control as a solution, but ...
Only Law-abiding citizen obey the laws, because they think it is " ... The Right Thing To Do ..."

These people will have willingly disarmed themselves.
They're not part of the problem,   and they are not part of the solution,

 Chicago’s homicide was even higher when the city’s handgun ban was in place.
Politicians impose laws upon the law-abiding, because it's "What They Do".  Any politician who does not impose at least one law restricting the rights of their electorate will not be re-elected.  That's just the way it is, and it does not speak well of the people who elect them to public office.

I think that the best campaign rhetoric should be a Candidate who can honestly state:

I have never proposed, nor supported, a law which would violate your Constitutional Rights"!

There are very few politicians who can honestly make that claim; the only purpose of LAWS* is to    define new things which you can NOT do!  Nobody writes a law defining something you CAN do ... at least not since the Constitution was published!)

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Anonymous said...

Because that is what liberal democrat politicians do. They have been doing it for many decades, despite evidence to the contrary.