Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Australian Girl's Anti-2nd Amendment Rant Online

Breitbart posts an article on 2nd Amendment rights, and (in the COMMENTS section) almost casually includes a link to a video which is .... very confrontational about Gun Control.  (view the video below, or go directly to the YouTube link here.)

The link to this article is in the Comments Section of the Breitbart Article link, in the sentence:
Here's an Australian who just doesn't get it. That wouldn't bother me but for the fact that she starts preaching to us Yanks about our guns and blames the guns rather than the fact that we don't keep hardened criminals in prison throughout much of the nation. There is a lot of misinformation, stupidity and sleight of hand in this 6 minute video.
(I think she makes some very good points, and that we should listen to what she says; many other anti-2nd people will be quoting her in the very new future!)

The Gun Control Debate

I assume that the young lady who narrates is the author, but I have no way to confirm that at this time.   Certainly she seems sincere in her beliefs.

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Many people don't understand that the Second Amendment  enforces all of the other Constitutional amendments.

People who discussed her Original Comment (if you care, you can look it up; I did) were dismissive of her opinion ("she... just doesn't get it ...").

I think she DOES 'Get It', and I think she makes a good case for her side of the dialogue.
She should be heard.  Widely.

No, I don't agree with all of her conclusions; but I am impressed by her argument.

I think any rebuttal would need to go beyond the usual talking-points of "... it's the Second Amendment, for Christ's Sake!" or "Because It's In The Constitution!".

I'm not confused about my Constitutional Rights,  but I (and you) need to think about people who don't automatically agree with us; we need to know how to argue that our rights are justifiable and lucid in the context of the Constitution.

This argument provides the challenge for each of us to seriously consider exactly WHY the Second Amendment is in the Constitution .. and why it remains there, today.

I know that * I * have some arguments which I consider to be strong, and valid.

I'm just not sure I am capable of making a convincing argument in favor of the 2nd Amendment in the face of her anti-Constitutional arguments.

Any takers?

*(Many of the links referenced here are duplicated, I just want the most casual visitor to find the counter-argument, and I apologize if that seems confusing to some visitors.)


Anonymous said...

One size does not fit all. Australia does not have our history, demographics or form of government.

Mark said...

Australia has the same problem we have, the idiot liberals in the big cities run the country.