Friday, June 02, 2017

Pediatricians Revisited:

Your child's Doctor does NOT have the right to tell your children that Daddy can't have a gun in the home!

The problem with pediatricians is that they are inclined to ask personal questions of your children about your home life ... which is only ONE reason you are encouraged to never leave your child with your pediatrician when you are not present.

Pediatricians may tend to impose their own personal opinions about the way you raise your child, and one of the most prevalent biases which they may impose upon your child is their objections to the presence of firearms in the home.  It's not just a matter of "safe storage" ... it's that Pediatricians typically object to ANY firearm in the home when a child is present.

Today we read this message:

Pediatricians and Parents Could Curb Child-Gun Incidents With Talk, Awareness, Report Says - NBC News:
Research published this month by the Children's National Hospital shows more than 4,500 kids under 21 were killed by firearms in 2015.
Well, that's better than the way it was ten years ago.

(I wonder .. "kids under 21"?  ... are these still "Children"?  The gangsters in Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, New York and ... name your favorite Big Town ... don't seem to think so.  But I digress!)

Or is it the same old thing?

I've been blogging about the intrusive actions of pediatricians since at least 2007 ... to no avail.
Unfortunately, most of the references linked in these articles are no longer active, so it serves no purpose to reference them here.

However, one article from 2007  retains an active link.

If you are concerned that your child's pediatrician may be "turning your child against you" because you have firearms and your pediatrician speaks against your parental decisions .. there is a form which you can print and ask your pediatrician to sign before treatment,

This form, which you can require your pediatrician to read and sign before he/she treats your child, requires the doctor to certify that he/she is qualified to discuss and make recommendations about firearms in the home.  It provides spaces for the pediatrician to not only attest, but list the courses of instruction, accreditation, licenses and certifications which make him/her an authority competent to counsel your family about firearms safety.

The form also includes a section titled:
Risk Management Advice to Physicians and Malpractice Insurance Providers
... which cautions physicians not to speak on subjects which they are not qualified to address.

If you are a firearms owner, and a parent, you have the right and responsibility to determine what kind of information is imparted to your child from your medical providers.

Assuming that your pediatrician is qualified and responsible, and attendant to the parental rights to raise your children according to your own values, is not necessarily reasonable.  Even the most caring pediatrician may feel that his/her political bias trumps your parental rights.

THE LAW IS that you do NOT have to allow your pediatrician to speak to your children in private, you do NOT have to allow your pediatrician to speak against your judgement, and your pediatrician is violating his oath by undermining your parental decision-making authority.

And firearms ownership is NOT "Parental Abuse".

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Anonymous said...

Not only pediatricians, but your child's school and teachers may be trying to turn your child against you. It is tough trying to raise a child properly in this modern political climate.