Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leave it to the Limeys ...

... to adore The HillaryBeast:

Hillary Clinton: The Guardian person of the year 2016 — News — The Guardian Nigeria:
Cerebral, hardworking and hugely versed in the workings of government, not many people were as prepared to lead America as she was. Dignified in carriage, humble in spite of her great guts, thoughtful and very wise, she was the inevitable philosopher-queen. Her tenacity in public and in private lives is the stuff of legends. She withstood haranguing by the leading lights of the opposition party who did their best to cast her as corrupt and dishonest. She endured the humiliation of a troubled marriage and steeled her heart to save it. In the campaigns, she was held to standards sometimes humanly, but certainly manly impossible to meet. She not only discharged herself creditably, she captured the imagination of the world. That she lost to a man who is as comprehensive in his ignorance as he is relentless in his arrogance to put it on display underlines a certain rot in the heart of their society.

Funny, that's not the Hillary that I voted against.

Donald Trump owes her a great debt, however, for she's the only American who would have won him the Presidency by simply being the most despicable America candidate.


Anonymous said...

This article came from The Guardian - NIGERIA.

Boy, those Nigerians sure know our Hillary.

Mark said...

everyone needs to be appreciated,even the Hildebeast.