Saturday, January 21, 2017

Concealed Carry When It's Not WELL Concealed

Firehand has a post up about the embarrassment (and consequent legal issues) when your Concealed Handgun isn't as well concealed as it ought to be:

Irons in the Fire: Central Texas College chief Mary Wheeler should live in the PROM,: “And let’s say it was accidental, that they had a handgun underneath a coat or something, they bent over and the handgun could be seen,” CTC Police Chief Mary Wheeler said. “It’s no longer concealed if someone can see it.” Chief Wheeler said a violation of this law could lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment for employees or expulsion for students, including the first occurrence.
Whatever the reason, that's Not A Good Thing, especially when you're in an area which doesn't also recognize Constitutional Carry (Open Carry).

And even if you are legally "allowed" to Open Carry ... do you really want people to know you're carrying?

Generally speaking, that's not often a problem in the Winter; coats make it difficult to 'pattern' a handgun, but when it's on a belt (or even IWB) there is still the possibility of flashing it.

I've been using a small auto in a pocket holster, tucked in the inside/upper jacket pocket.   It absolutely doesn't pattern, and it's secure even if I stand on my head.  (Which I do a lot, any more.)

What it also doesn't do is allow for quick retrieval.  I would almost wish I had a left-handed pocket holster, so my right hand would grab the grip naturally.  As it is, if I turn it around ... the butt is pointed in the wrong direction and it's even more awkward.

I'll live with this over the winter, and perhaps try something else when it's no longer "coat weather".   The little auto has a belt clip which provides good retention and access, but again there are issues with concealment; that little 1/2" of the butt sticking over the waistband of my britches is impossible to conceal without the shirt-tail flapping in the breeze.

So far, I've just pocket-carried, and that's fine except I can't keep my money clip or credit cards in that pocket, and I've learned that I can't carry a hip-pocket wallet.   Every time reach to make a payment in a store, I grab my pistol; I haven't pulled it, yet, in the 10+ years I've been carrying.

But I have to admit, a Kel-tec 380 is still a lot easier to carry than a full-size Kimber in .45acp!

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Anonymous said...

I am not a lawyer and may be wrong, but I think the Texas. Lege. passed a law saying that is someone momentarily, unintentionally and accidentally allowed their concealed handgun to be seen or displayed, it was not a violation of the law. BTW, Texas has open carry, but not on collages and universities. It gives the professors the vapors.