Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Not "carry friendly"? Texas has an AP for that!

Personally, I don't know if this is necessary.  But Texas is a big state and it would be a disappointment to travel a way to get what looks like a good deal only to find the business doesn't support your 2nd Amendment  rights.

Texas Phone App Shows 'Second Amendment Unfriendly' Businesses Near You:
(October 11, 2016)
Gun advocates and licensed to carry holders can search for and add businesses to the interactive website or use the iPhone and Android apps for free. The founder of the website, Russell Jones told Breitbart Texas, “This is not a for-profit venture. We are in it to help the community because it’s important to know both who supports the Second Amendment and who allows us to protect ourselves and our families.” The website has almost 11,000 registered users and 9,200 updated entries.

I am fortunate that I live within walking distance of a Kroger store (Fred Meyers).   They don't post rude signs on the door, and they have a corporate philosophy that CHL folks are their friends and neighbors ... and darned good customers.   (Now they have a gas station in town, so they even get my business there,)   I purchase most of my 'consumables' there, but they don't have much of a sporting goods department.    So I just go to Bi-Mart for those items, (including ammo in calibers I don't reload) which is another business without rude signs on their door.

Why give your money to a business that doesn't trust you?


Anonymous said...

Are there even Kroger stores in Texas, and I never heard of Bi Mart. Where does this person live?

Archer said...

I've always been disappointed that Fred Meyer stores don't carry anything firearm-related, other than a few airsoft guns. No ammo, no parts, nothing.

Still, they are carry-friendly, so that's a definite plus. And Bi-Mart sometimes has GREAT deals on ammo, if you catch the sales (the prices aren't too bad without sales, either).

@Anonymous: Kroger is the national brand; local store names may vary. In Oregon (where this author lives), it's Fred Meyer. They have Krogers in Texas under that name, but only a couple (in Granbury and Brownwood).

No, no Bi-Marts in Texas; it's a local thing: mostly Oregon, a handful in Washington, and a couple in Idaho. Sorry, man.

Anonymous said...

The big grocery stores in Texas are HEB and Walmart. Lowes is a grocery store chain found in many small rural towns, at least in So. Texas None of these stores are union shops. All the other major grocery stores are union shops and cannot compete price wise. I can remember Kroger and Albertson's stores, but that was like 25-30 years or more ago.