Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clinton as gun control candidate

This sort of campaign rhetoric will NOT hurt Clinton during the elections.

Email: Clinton's 'Forceful' Gun Position Had Some Democrats 'Freaking':
Clinton has supported an “assault weapons” ban and expansion of background checks to gun sales between private parties. She has praised Australia’s mandatory gun buyback program as a “good example” and something that is “worth considering” in the United States, something no other major party candidate had previously done. She also told donors the Supreme Court is “wrong” on the Second Amendment, calling into question the landmark decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which affirmed that the Constitution guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms.
(H/T "New Jovian Thunderbolt")

In what may be acknowledged as the most radical presidential election in American History, a radical stance may prove to be the best technique for the Liberal candidate.

“Already, she has been more forceful on guns/gun lobby than any other person who ever seriously ran for president,” 

People who are opposed to her gun control plans won't vote for her anyway, so she has nothing to lose in this demographic.

She is positioning herself with the "Radical Left", and they love it.

On the other hand, they already love her ... so it's not clear that her Gun Control stance is likely to gain her more than a few votes.

And nobody loves "The Donald".

In voting for Trump over Clinton, the American electorate may find themselves in the position of the naval officers in the movie "Master and Commander":

October 19, 2016 4:43 pm
Hillary Clinton’s “forceful” stance in favor of gun control caused some members of the Democratic Caucus to freak out, an email exchange published Wednesday shows.
Campaign staffers and outside strategists discussed the best way to approach issues such as President Obama’s handling of foreign policy, Wall Street, and gun control during a back and forth over an internal strategy memo in December 2015. Much of the conversation focused on how Clinton could differentiate herself from Obama in ways that would be advantageous to the campaign. One consultant pointed out during the exchange that Clinton was already “more forceful on guns/gun lobby than any other person who ever seriously ran for president” and some unnamed Democratic Caucus members were “freaking out about it.”


Anonymous said...

"And nobody loves the Donald", who says, the liberal media? In my part of the country, The Donald is popular and loved by many, while Hillary is detested. Don't underestimate media bias.

Anonymous said...

Also, agree, media drama. I travel a lot for work, I see trump signs and bumpers everywhere. I've seen 1 Hillary yard sign and maybe 4 Hillary bumpers, I'm being generous here. Maybe they are the ashamed deplorables?