Saturday, September 10, 2016

Happy Anniversary! Give Up Your Guns! Please take the back seat in the Troika!

On this, the 15th Anniversary of America's most deadly attack on home soil, it has become increasingly obvious that our elected officials on any but the local level have not the resources, the determination, nor the will to protect Americans in our homeland.   It falls upon us each and every one to "provide for our common defense" because the people who begged us to elect them to high office have thrown us to the wolves ... apparently on the basis of the "We Will Eat You Last" philosophy.

Sen. Chris Murphy rips into gun-rights movement - Connecticut Post:
(September 08. 2016)
WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy on Thursday took a deep dive into the interwoven worlds of the gun-rights movement and gunmakers, saying anti-government “neo-anarchist’’ Republicans are aligned with a firearms industry desperate to sell more guns to a shrinking customer base.
Funny, there are so many NEW purchasers of firearms that the number of gun owners has become significantly skewed even MORE to the right.    And although HE cannot protect us, he begrudges us the right to do the job that he can't won't do:
...  Murphy said hostility to government has become a right-wing standard, especially since the election of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, in 2008. ... “In an era where anti-government positioning is a hallmark of the modern right, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that increasingly Republicans are absolutist in their views on the right of citizens to own guns,” Murphy said. “They want to preserve the right of revolution as a means of showing how much they truly hate the current government, administered by President Barack Obama.
Actually, while Constitutionalists despise all attempts to undermine the Second Amendment, and they disdain the pathetic efforts of our current President to impose a socialist system of federal and economic systems  ... the only gripe is that Obama has proved himself incompetent (or unwilling) to fulfill the duties of his office.

We just want a President who executes "The Rule Of Law" rather than  "The Rule Of Fiat".

 The gun industry, which already markets guns based on the need for self-defense at home, was only too happy to oblige, Murphy said. “Only one-third of Americans today are buying guns, as opposed to half of Americans 30 years ago, meaning that the industry is reliant on a smaller number of gun owners buying large caches of expensive weapons like the AR-15,” he said. “The number of buyers has shrunk, so the simple solution, the industry realized, is to just sell more weapons to this smaller-sized market.”
Um .. firearms sales are going up, in spite of the rapid increase of firearms ownership since the Democrats took office.  President Obama has already been hailed as "The Best Salesman In History" for the Firearms industry.   Every time the President speaks against the Second Amendment, more people rush out to buy guns for fear that He Who Will Be Obeyed might impose some arbitrary draconian edict which limits our Constitutional Rights.

Murphy thinks we're arming against Obama?  He's no threat, except that he is quite earnest in undermining our Constitution.     We're actually more concerned about the growing trend toward Domestic Terrorism, against which there IS no defense except that the common man be able to defend himself, his home, his family ...

The market is almost saturated now; most people who think they might want or need one have already "got theirs", and until those new owners learn that firearms are worth having for reasons other than home defense (hunting, competition), there should be a slump in sales.  But it hasn't happened yet.

 Another aspect of the anti-government marketing strategy, Murphy said, is convincing gun owners law enforcement cannot protect them against terrorist attacks. 
Well, actually ... Law Enforcement cannot protect the ordinary citizen against terrorist attacks.
Or criminal attacks.  Or Animal attacks.  (*LEOs cannot even protect us against attacks by our elected Congressmen!*)   Due to "budget cuts and attrition, police agencies in California are not even 'just barely holding their own' against local violence.

In point of fact, more police agencies are suggesting that citizens arm themselves because (as the police themselves warn us) they "..can't be everywhere ...".

See for yourself.

The facts of the matter are:

  • If Americans ever had any faith that the Obama Administration might be effective in protecting Citizens against terrorist acts, that faith has been drowned in the blood of innocents since Obama took office.
  • Murphy's tirade against honest Americans is not due to the increased show of independence against Terrorists; it's due to the increased demonstration that we are not ALL willing to be obedient to the false claims of Government that they can protect us, when it is so painfully that they cannot do so, and they will not even try.  
And if anything, it's worse than You may read here:   The Los Angeles

Murphy is America's own "Baghdad Bob"

You remember him?  He's the Iraqi leader  ("Foreign Minister") who promised that Americans are not, and never will be, in Iraq:

Murphy is in the same state of denial.   He is the joke, but nobody's laughing.

 The politicians don't want us to own guns, even for the express purpose of defending ourselves, family, friends, community,  even against the increasing terrorist attacks against which no government forces can or will stand between us and our self-declared enemies.

Ignore the Murphys who are not for us, but are against us.

It's your family, your community, your country at risk.   Do whatever you think you have to do.

 Period, dot, and of story.

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Anonymous said...

The fact is many high government officials do not believe that the average American citizen DESERVES protection from international or homegrown terrorism, or common criminals.