Sunday, August 07, 2016

"Not Terror Related"

Yes, he was a terrorist, and yes, he was acting under the aegis of a religious motivation.

Russell Square stabbing attack 'not terror related', say police after interviewing Norwegian suspect | Crime | News | The Independent:
A Norwegian man was being held in custody on Thursday on suspicion of murdering an American woman in a “random” stabbing rampage in central London. Investigators say the 19-year-old suspect, who is of Somali origin and moved to the UK aged five, is mentally ill and has no known links to terror groups or radicalisation.
Forgive me if I seem unconvinced, but a "norwegian man ... of somali origin" who "randomly" stabs a number of people in a neighborhood which was historically related to "al-Qaeda inspired attacks that killed 52 people and injured 700" doesn't sound as some kind of a Mental Illness. *
(See "Tavistock Square and Russell Square", below, for historical perspective)

I don't care if he has been described as a "norwegian man"; that's not the important part.
The important part is that he was "... of Somali origin".  Which means he was a muslim, and came from an area which has been suffering violent religious conflict for decades.

You don't need to scream "Allahu Akbar" to make it clear that your motivation is to kill "unbelievers" as a strike for world domination of your religion.   The point is intimidation of the populus, and encouraging the cowering of a free people (or what had once been 'a free people').

Non-muslim peoples have seen enough examples of murderous attacks on innocents to accept this tenent as the default motivation for actions which would seem insane otherwise without reason.

Many muslims understand that "The Religion of Peace" will not become the predominate World Religion as long as the primary tenent is that it should be promulgated by the sword.

But too many Muslims look back on the imposition of their religion on Spain  (711-1492) and consider that it could happen again, in other countries, if they can only intimidate the non-moslem populations to accept dhimmitude.

(They are possibly encouraged by provisions in President Obama's Health Care Act).

Terrorist Muslims are not "social justice warriors".  They are not madmen acting on random urges to violence.  They have an agenda, they have a method, and the last fifteen years have demonstrated that their methods are driven by their agenda.

That agenda is nothing less than world domination.

The rest of the lesson is left as an exercise for the reader

* The Historic Reference: (see here)
Bombs exploded in nearby Russell Square station and Tavistock Square as part of the al-Qaeda inspired attacks that killed 52 people and injured 700 on 7 July 2005


Anonymous said...

Mental illness is modern PC, used to coverup for Jihad and Islamic terrorism.

Windy Wilson said...

"Allahu Akbar" is Dem speak for "I'm really unhappy being a man in the western patriarchy with global warming and all those mortgage foreclosures, and I really want a good job."

Windy Wilson said...

They use "Norwegian man of Somali origin" because it is something one might say in America. "He's an American of Scots, Irish, English, French, German, Austrian, and Hungarian origin." Sometimes I am disturbed by the European ability to see someone walking down the street and peg him for a German or an Italian or an Irishman, but I'm willing to bet some significant money that this Norwegian of Somali origin barely spoke Norwegian, did not eat the local foods, view the local TV, read the local newspapers and writers, did not participate in any of the Norwegian leisure activities, AND had zero native Norwegian friends.
The tumor metaphor is not always xenophobia.