Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nobody Wants To Take Away Your Guns! (Except for the dangerous ones)

We've been hearing a lot about the media-inspired (and vaguely defined) "Assault Rifles".

In an attempt to accelerate the daily "Two Minutes Hate", gun-grabbers and the media have introduced a new term:
"High-powered rifles".
... gun control advocates from the West Coast are banding together to call for a 10-bullet magazine restriction and a ban on all high-powered rifles they call assault weapons. 
[emphasis added, click on the link]
OOoooooo ... scary!
But while the term "High-powered rifles" may scare little girls, it's suggestive of "Another Gun Ban Movement" ... which might be scarifying to little old men.

In truth, the Left, the 'Anti-Gunners' and other media whores are becoming more adept at inventing new political platforms from which they can attack The Embarassing Second Amendment.

As usual, there is no definition to the term.  In my home state, it was illegal illegal to hunt deer with a caliber less than .25* (which has since been changed in the game laws).

Now that the .223 and the .22-250, etc. are legal to hunt 'big game', does that mean that every deer rifle in America will be confiscated by the Gun Haters?

Well, that does seem to be the trend.

But remember: "Nobody Wants To Take Away Your GUNS!"

Just the dangerous ones.

Oh, and if you have a moment, see the under-the bar parts: 310

Washington and Oregon groups push to ban high-powered rifles, to create a ‘West Coast Wall’ | Q13 FOX News:
(July 27, 2016)
... But gun control advocates from the West Coast are banding together to call for a 10-bullet magazine restriction and a ban on all high-powered rifles they call assault weapons. “Creating a West Coast wall of California, Oregon and Washington is necessary to stop would-be shooters to travel up and down the I-5 corridor,” Penny Okamoto of Ceasefire Oregon said. Washington Ceasefire points to a recent poll by SurveyMonkey.Of the 310 people questioned in Washington and Oregon combined, 65% were in favor of an assault weapons ban. The poll said 43% of the 310 people owned guns in their own homes and of those people 52% supported a ban on high-powered rifles.
The nice thing about the "Ceasefire" movements is that they are sufficiently patient to dredge up 310 ("Three Hundred and Ten") people, 65% (201.5) of who are in favor of an assault weapons ban.

There are 11.6 MILLION residents in the two-state area:
Washington: 7.62 million
Oregon: 3.97 million 

What do you want to bet that ALL of those surveyed were living in the major population centers (Seattle/Spokane in Washington, and Portland/Eugene in Oregon) where most of the registered voters are Democrats and many of THOSE are students who have been brainwashed by their liberal teachers or living on the public dole ... or both?

I would love to get my hands on the demographic data for the respondees, but of course we will never see that.


Anonymous said...

No one needs a high powered rifle to hunt rabbits and squirrels or dove and quail. That is what they will say.

Windy Wilson said...

"They won't take away your deer rifle. They'll rename it a deadly high-powered sniper rifle, and take that away."
(Paraphrased from Oleg Volek).

Windy Wilson said...
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Windy Wilson said...

Then there is the "Goldilocks" theory of gun control. This gun's too big, that gun's too small, this gun's too powerful, that one is too weak, too accurate, too inaccurate, too expensive, too cheap, too toy-like, too scary-looking, until nothing is left.

I understand that there is a movement in the Olympics to eliminate air rifles and .22 caliber Biathlon guns and replace them with laser-tag type instruments.

It doesn't help matters that within the legal gun culture, "High-power" refers to any centerfire cartridge, from up there around .458 down to some .17 cartridges.