Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Why are Conservatives so STUBBORN!

Liberals have an agenda which includes Gun Control, and they cannot understand why Conservatives get so pissy when presented with the mildest of legislative suggestions.

Well .. yes.  Of course.  Demonizing of Conservatives is Job One for Liberals.  They paint Conservatives as Evil.  Selfish.  Aggressive.  Out-of-Control.  Cranky, and just plain not very much concerned with being A Nice Guy.

Conservatives, on the other hand, demonize Liberals as stupid, vacuous, and blind to their own faults.

I don't think that Conservatives are EVIL, but I do think that there must eventually be some kind of reconciliation between the two groups.

I don't thank that Liberals are STUPID, but I do think that as long as each "side" wastes their intellectual energy attacking the other "side", there will be no movement toward reconciliation.

First we need to agree on what is an issue, and what is not.

Then we need to determine what actions might reasonably reconcile the two sides.

The third step?  I don't know.  I'm just thinking out loud.

I have friends who are "Progressive", and although I find their politics appalling, I think they're honest, wholesome and likable people.   I don't want to be the symbol of their enmity.

I'm not saying: "Can't We All Just Get Along".

I'm just saying "we SHOULD be a nation divided by issues which can be discussed, not undermined  by anger on either side".

Of course, I am NOT giving up a single firearm nor a single round of ammunition, so that's not on the table.

We, the fire-arms owners of America, have been chivied to 'give up' the 'minor issues' for decades, and the gun-grabbers have never backed off until their legislative attempts have been  decided at the federal level.

I'm not sure what's on the LIBERAL side, except that the 800-pound Gorilla in the room is that " .. they want to take your guns away, because it makes them all scary when they're in the room with guns"

Funny ... criminals have guns, and they don't have the comfort of their neighbors as a priority.

Honest people have guns, and the Liberals are more afraid of them than they are of the criminals.

Note to Liberals:  Has it ever occurred to you that honest folks have Concealed Carry Licenses because they have been vetted by your county sheriff, and the 'other guys with guns' (you know, the Bad Guys?) have been incarcerated by your county sheriff because he knows who the Bad Guys are?

You want us to give up our constitutional rights.  That's not going to happen.  What are YOU willing to give up?

Your life?  That's what you get when mugged by The Bad Guys.

Your Comfort Zone?
If you have one ... it's probably not a reasonable expectation, if you refuse to arm yourself and still expect The Bad Guys not to pick on you.

Picture a herd of .. llamas.  You're a llama.  You're threatened by wolves.  You're comfortable with your life expectancy because wolves typically attack the "sick, lame and lazy".  Which especially includes herd members who are too sick or too young to defend themselves ... because the wolves know that YOU aren't going to do anything to protect individuals;  you just protect the herd.

Picture your children as being outside the herd, and attacked by wolves.  Your "Herd" won't do anything to protect them, let alone rescue them.  Welcome to Liberal City!

What are YOU going to do to protect your progeny?

Or if you're not doing "Nothing", where can you turn for help?
You have a lot of friends, but they're all .. poseurs.

Doesn't speak well for your personal values system, does it?

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Anonymous said...

Harsh Words regarding Liberal/Progressives. They constitute micro aggression or maybe worse.