Friday, December 11, 2015

Talking Points.

WHEN DID WE GET TO THE POINT that we care what a bunch of East-Coast Media-whores think about the Second Amendment?

I do understand the relative importance of public figures like Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin making statements in support of the Second Amendment.

Truly, I do.

Hannity Exposes Obama's Secret Plan to Confiscate Guns - YouTube:

But it's all just "talking points" to them.

To me, it's a way of life.

It's MY way of life .. and they hold it in their un-calloused lily white hands.
These people who know that whatever happens, they will always be protected.  What do they know?

Talking Points.
That's all it is to me.  Talking points.  And I'm not listening.  I know what I know.

Media coverage, face time, they get in front of the most convenient camera and just let it flow.  Good for you ... absolutely meaningless to me.

I'm SO tired of all this business.  They said, we said, she/he said ... it comes to a point where we who are only members of "fly-over country" realize we are nothing more than pawns to the 'greater' political controversy.

I don't want to HEAR what Hannity thinks. I don't care any more what he thinks than what that crazy-eyed wench from California who "Mister and Missus America, turn them all in" thinks.

All of those public figures are just figure-heads.  They are not real people, to me.

I don't know these New York Cosmopolitans REALLY think.   Their opinions aren't worth a bucket of spit to me.

I want to know what the people I spend my weekends with ... what they think.  Because I have watched them fire HUNDREDS of Thousands of rounds "down-range" over the past 50 years, and none of them have ever pointed a gun at me.

Sure, they could threaten me with their guns and all their ammunition ... and zillions of East Coast folks are aghast (if they were paying attention) at the amazing concept that people who have live guns in their hands are not automatically transformed into homicidal maniacs.

What a concept!

So I have only one thing to say to all those frightened people who are unable to understand that folks who have guns are not a threat to them, or to anyone who isn't trying to impose their wills on them:

Just go away and don't bother me, 
I promise I won't shoot you, one way or the other.
(Even if you are all a bunch of Idiots!)


Anonymous said...

What the elites of our society, and the inside the beltway crowd think matters. What Joe Six Pack out in fly over country thinks, not so much. That is just the way it is.

Mark said...

Hannity professes to carry every day.