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Semi-Auto Madness: GRIP SAFETY!

Sometimes, it makes me want to just chew my leg off to get out of the trap,

I find myself teaching an advanced "safety" class in a competitive sport, and I expect people who sign up to be experienced, compent and SAFE pistol shooters.

Instead, I too often discover that I am teaching basic pistol skills.

Now, when you read the title you probably thought that the phrase "GRIP SAFETY" had to do with the John Moses Browning (PBUH) design where the external thumb safety must be set 'off', and also that the grip on the support hand must be sufficiently firm to depress the "grip safety'.


What I'm talking about is that it is possible with both revolvers and pistols to GRIP your handgun in such a manner that you may cause physical injury (and a LOT of pain!) when you fire it.

Let's talk pistols (that is .. semi-automatic recoil-operated pistols):

The visible link to this video is at:

How NOT to shoot a semi-automatic Pistol - YouTube:
Published on Feb 22, 2013 This is a "Basics" video for those very, very new to firearms. Hopefully, you didn't learn this the hard way! If so, you might still have scars on your thumb to prove it. :-)
Unfortunately, a half-dozen times a year I find that one of the "experienced, competent, safe pistol shooters" who have signed up for this advanced class in competitive pistol shooting have formed the habit of this unsafe grip.  (Yes, I know I've mentioned this before, but this is the first time I've found a video which precisely demonstrates the Grip From Hell, and the consequences of allowing any student from firing even a single shot with the pistol held in this manner.)

Of course, people who wrap their thumb over their wrist when shooting a Semi-Automatic Pistol will eventually discover that "in all the excitement" (to quote Dirty Harry) they may (a) subtract one from their thumb-cound, and (b) they will discontinue the practice.

But that's doing it the hard way.  It may be a lot easier if those witnessing this "failure of Grip Safety moment" can gently encourage their 10-fingered friends to find another sport before they become 9-fingered friends.

[HERE is a video on "how to grip a semi-automatic".   It's not the only way, it may or may not be the best way.  But it's certainly a SAFE way.]


How about REVOLVERS?  (They seem pretty safe to shoot.)


"There is nothing the mind of man can conceive, that the hand of man cannot screw up."
(Source of the quote at the bottom of this article.)

How NOT to shoot a Revolver (YouTube)

Published on May 15, 2012
If you value your skin, be sure to hold a revolver correctly! :-)
Also, for the person or two who keep trying to repost the same goofy comment, anybody who cannot see that the paper is cut at the cylinder gap, please "rewind" the video and watch a few hundred times. :-) Of course, the muzzle blast has some effect on the paper, too, but the point is that the paper is cut back at the cylinder gap. Where is Homer Simpson when I need him? :-)
See the Chapter 2 of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q57Q72...

(I won't include "Chapter 2"; you have the link, and if you're interested you'll go to it.)

I'm sure there are people who want to start shooting, and decide that the Revolver is the Handgun Of Choice for a new shooter.   After all, every one knows the "automatics jam a lot".  (Mine don't)

So, for those people who only watched the "HOW NOT TO SHOOT A SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOL" and think they now know everything they need to know about shooting handguns?  Guess what .. you don't know as much as you think you know.

(Which takes us back to the scarey experience I have too-frequently had of watching an 'experienced' shooter" taking an 'advanced' course, and discovering that the poor earnest/hopeful/excited shooter is a sheep in wolf's clothes. )

"REVOLVERS?   Bud Vases, at best!"

Personally, I won't worry about shooting a revolver.   I only have five of them.

It seems pretty clear that anyone who tries the "Semi-Auto Grip" with a Revolver will only do it one time.   After you've made a ROASTED wiener of your fingers, almost anyone would reconsider his grip.

(Certainly, that would end of your needlepoint/quilting career.)


Source of the quote:
"There is nothing the mind of man can conceive, that the hand of man cannot screw up."
I said it.  Right here.  Weren't you watching?:


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