Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CC On Campus: Laws Are Bullshit!

Push for concealed guns on campuses is gaining steam @insidehighered:

In all, seven states have laws that allow concealed guns on campus, though the details vary on who can carry where. Twenty states still ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus, and 23 states leave the decision up to individual colleges.
This is all touchy-feelie, but in the actual event ... you still can't carry guns on campus in Oregon .. even though State Law allows it.

WARNING:  I know I've posted this information before; more than once.  I'll post it again, just in case someobody hasn't yet heard how Univiersities (at least in Oregon, and probably in other states), unilaterally and arbitrarily abridge the law.

I worked at Oregon State University (one of those "20 states") and the laws have no effect, because college and universities are a law unto themselves.

They will NOT allow anyone to carry on campus, regardless of the status of the CHL holder.

If an individual college or University wishes to discriminate against Concealed Carry, all they have to do is to institute Conditions of Employment (faculty or staff) or Conditions of Enrollment (students) to the effect that:

  • If Faculty or Staff are discovered to have firearms in their possession on campus, they face immediate termination of imployment, for cause;
  • If Students are discovered to have firearms in their possession on campus, they face immediate termination of enrollment, for cause.

The new policy, which took effect upon passage, forbids students, employees, individuals with a business interest with the campus (such as vendors and contractors), event attendees, those who rent or lease university property and campus visitors from carrying a firearm on Board-owned or controlled property. Such property includes all OUS campus buildings, sports or performance venues and workplaces, and the prohibition is effective whether or not an individual holds a concealed handgun license.

As you see, this 'policy' is not necessarily limited to the staff/faculty/student actually carrying concealed (even with a Concealed Handgun Licence issued by the County Sheriff after a background check).  Even though OREGON Law allows a CHL holder to possess a handgun locked in a vehicle parked on campus, let alone in possession on one's person ....at least one University reserves the right to discontinue employment/enrollment for this reason.

Oh, yes, that individual can legally continue to visit the schoolgrounds (as long as the firearm is secured in a Privately Owned Vehicle which is legally parked "on campus").

But the University is not obliged to continue employment/ registration of said empoyee/student.  There is no legal recourse to the "offender".

Which means, if you're NOT employed at the U, and you aren't enrolled at the U, you can walk the campus.  But you can't be employed there, and you can't be enrolled there.

And why, you ask yourself, would you care to walk the campus if you're not a student or an employee?
Well .. the coeds are very pretty.  Or you could be a predator.  Nobody else would be tempted.

The only people on campus who are inclined to carry are people who don't much care about their enrollment,  Or their employment.

I disobeyed this ruling for 15 years.

And when I go to visit my friends who still work there, I violate this ruling.

And it still sucks.

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It must have something to do with the safety of the students.