Monday, December 08, 2014

Condescending Co-President

Biden to code-writing girls: ‘You’re as smart as any boy’ | Fox News:

Don't worry, girls. "You're as smart as any boy." That was the message Monday from Vice President Biden as he pep-talked a group of young women during a White House technology event, in a uniquely Biden way.
How precious that the second-best Democrat in the nation should reassure "girls" that way.

Biden is, and always has been, an idiot.  The worst thing is not that he is clue-less, but that the Democrats decided that he was ... acceptable ... to represent our nation.

After a CBS News reporter tweeted the comments, Biden's office retweeted them. 

They're proud of their boy, they are!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe does say strange things at times, but he is generally harmless, and even kind of lovable.

Mark said...

You think he is harmless? A heartbeat away from the presidency?

Anonymous said...

Probably not as dangerous as his boss.